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Want to keep in the meet with all the modern technology? So, like everyone else, you start using the hoverboard. Now, what are the modern technologies made hoverboard? Many people in your city are using hoverboards. You might think that you start using. Or buy for your child or maybe you do not have but all of your friends have hoverboards. You also want to buy hoverboard to combine with everyone. However, if it happens that you buy styled, beautiful designs, strong, latest tech-made hoverboard from your friends, and then this air ride hoverboard reviews for you. Just keep the hoverboard on the ground and learn to run just like that, then you will learn to run the hoverboard safely. Because it’s a self-balancing hoverboard.

Why is this hoverboard famous?

Why would you buy this hoverboard? Of course, this hoverboard should be different from all other hoverboards. And yes, this hoverboard has a lot of different features.

With this hoverboard, you can move faster. And it’s too easy to run. Just learn to put your feet exactly where you can run the hoverboard. There is no need for a key, only the toes have a switch, it will start by holding it with the fingers. The main feature of this hoverboard is to move it both forward and backward. Which you will not get in case of any other hoverboard, you can also turn 0 degrees angle. From the turn of the road, you can move around through it. In a word, It’s called enjoy. It’s a kind of strategy, which everyone cannot or does not have all the hoverboards. This feature has made this hoverboard more popular. Generally, all other hoverboards will see that just went to the front. But cannot move backward. But with this, you can move both sides in front of it. Using some nice techniques you can be a hoverboard running master. If you run with ten hoverboard drivers together you will be the main attraction of all.

Air Ride PRO Self-Balancing Hoverboard Review

When you choose a hoverboard for buying, you need to know a few things. I’ll teach you something like this. Most hoverboards are rich in Bluetooth. So keep an eye on whether the hoverboard is rich in Bluetooth. And this hoverboard has Bluetooth. The advantage of being Bluetooth is that you can listen to music by connecting to any device when you are on the way. And play whistle. This whistle will play a lot of roles when you run on the highway. Next is the LED Light. The hoverboard has LED lights. It’s important to have a LED light. It will help to move in the night and enhance the beauty of the hoverboard. It can’t be seen mostly hoverboard. So it should be taken care of. Having it means ensuring your safety. These self-balancing hoverboards can run very fast and can be break suddenly at the moment of motion. Both jobs can be done safely. And most of the benefits are for kids. Children can also run this hoverboard safely if the security is guaranteed. This hoverboards foothill made with rubber. And Footpad’s inner spaces have been created very deeply. As a result, your legs will fit very tight with the hoverboard. Its tires are very wide. As a result, easy to keep body balance.

Now let’s talk about the speed. You basically need a hoverboard of motion. And this hoverboard is a dynamic enough hoverboard. This hoverboard can run at a speed of more than 7.5 miles per hour. But interestingly, the range of the battery is much more than the speed in this hour. Once charging, this hoverboard’s battery lasted 12 miles. That is, its battery range is 12 miles and time is 90 minutes.

Our Favorite Features

  • Motor: Dual
  • Speed: 7.5 mph
  • Battery range: 12 mph+
  • Battery time: 90 minutes.
  • Tires: Made with rubber.
  • LED light: Dual LED light.
  • Self-balancing: Yes!
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Safety: UL 2272 certified.
  • Color: 3 unique colors.
  • Capability: 220 pounds.

Warranty & Shipping:

Free Shipping​​​​


  • It’s a very fast hoverboard.
  • This hoverboard has been created with the most powerful battery.
  • Battery ranges more than the speed of the hoverboard.
  • Free shipping system offers no shipping cost.
  • Security provision has been confirmed.
  • One model has three colors.
  • With the help of a LED light, you can ride at the night.
  • Kids can also run.


  • Amazon does not have any warranty arrangements.
  • This hoverboard’s low carrying capacity.

Important note:

For this hoverboard, I’m forced to say that. If you want to buy the best hoverboard at a little price, then there is no better option than this hoverboard. We have determined this hoverboard by doing much market research. So it’s undoubtedly a cheap hoverboard. I have seen very few good quality hoverboards like this in my personal research. So I suggest you buy this hoverboard.


How long is the warranty for this hoverboard?

  • No warranty information about this product is available from Amazon.

Does this hoverboard have a Bluetooth speaker?

  • No! There is no speaker on this hoverboard.

My weight is more than 200 pounds, can I use it?

  • Yes, you can.

Will my 10-year-old child run this hoverboard?

  • Of course, it can be used because the self-balancing hoverboard is 8-10 years old.

Does is ride in the high place?

  • No!

Is it okay to run this hoverboard in the rain and wet streets?

  • Not good to run.

Bottom Line

I’m a stylish man and everything about me is stylish. So my hoverboard needs to be stylish. So you do not think about it. Everything has been made of all the wonderful designs. Even the hoverboard wheels, the casing of the wheels are all stylish. May you cannot get a better hoverboard at such a low cost. So in my opinion, you should buy this hoverboard. If you are getting benefit from reading this air ride hoverboard reviews, help others to read and encourage them to buy.

  • September 27, 2018
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