Best Electric Scooter Review for Kids in 2018

Nowadays, an electric scooter is one of the best things to help kids to make joyous in his growing up time. As it gives children the joy of it, it invents the children’s competitive attitude. Because of in many residential areas, most of the kids came out to play in the afternoon with their scooter. Then a competitive attitude is created among the kids. Which would increase the competition for children’s education in the future.  You can give an electric scooter on your baby’s birthday as a gift. That will be the ingredients of your kids to play. When you will buy a mini electric scooter for your kids, then first you have to think about, which scooter is the best for kids? Now we will talk about the best electric scooter.

What are the factors to consider when buying a mini scooter?

  • Scooter’s prices.
  • Scooter’s brand.
  • Scooter’s speed.
  • Is it environmentally friendly?
  • Portability.

It will be discussed in detail about such quality standard electric scooter. 

This three-wheeled mini scooter is one of the best scooters among its competing scooters. This is the cheapest and best of the scooters in the same feature. This scooter has been manufactured with the perfect durability and strength that can use the kids and athlete also.  Its main feature is that it’s easy to run and it’s safe. Its deck has been made with a flexible fiberglass to absorb a big push. It has a smooth steering for easy control that can be managed the scooter very well. It is certified by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Five-year-old kids have the permission to use it.

Feature & Specification

  • 3 Wheel
  • Adjustable T-bar
  • 8 colors Scooter
  • 34 kg weight capacity


  • T-bar can be increased and reduce from 21 inches to 25 inches from the deck of the scooter. As a result, children from 2-5 years of age also can be used.
  • Due to the smooth design of steering, it’s easy to rotate it around.
  • It does not emit any carbon, so it is environmentally friendly.
  • check Portable weight.
  • check Deck has the ability to shock absorption.
  • check Cheap prices and easy to use.


  • This scooter cannot run on the flat road because of the small wheel.
  • Not perfect for running on the sidewalk.

Safety Alert for your Kids

Security is a key factor in any case. And it’s just a matter of kids. So it is important to ensure the security. Before running the scooter, the helmet should be taken. Use the knees pad. So that, there is no possibility of any kind of injury even if it falls.  Besides, your kids have to learn how to maintain the body balance? And how to increase and decrease the speed of the scooter, all have to know.


Can I buy it for my 18-month-old child?

  • Yes! It is possible to up-down its T-bar. That can run 18-month-old kids.

Any additional tools would be needed for this scooter?

  • No! There are all the tools available with Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter.

How many foot height children can use it?

  • Even children of 2-4 feet height can run it.

Final Words

Lastly, you can buy this Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter based on your child’s age and height. If needed, you can read more scooter review from online depending on your kids chooses. Usually, children prefer an attractive color toy or car. Considering this, scooter-making companies create scooters with the different color mixer. By accepting these directions, you can buy the best electric scooter.

Alan Stevens

Alan is an undergraduate student at Middlebury College in Vermont, where he studies International and Global Studies with a focus on African Studies. He is very passionate about electric two wheeler. Alan and his 4 friends stared this blog for sharing their knowledge about electric scooter, bike and hoverboard.

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