Best hoverboard batteries work only under these conditions

Which Hoverboard Batteries Are Safe?

Hoverboards have been gaining ceaseless popularity throughout the world ever since their mass production began in the year 2014. The hoverboards, being somewhat futuristic, used to be an uber cool thing to own. Not anymore though. A few incidents of some of the hoverboards bursting out in flames have spread a tad bit of concern about their safety throughout their admirers. Nonetheless, it has been well observed that the main reason for these uber cool gadgets to catch fire is hoverboard batteries.

These hoverboards are hot, literally?

The mass production of hoverboards began in numerous Chinese factories that used secondary grade raw materials for the batteries. Even the insulation within the batteries would often be compromised in order to keep the production cost low. And though the usage of secondary grade raw ensure that devices fit in your budget, this sort of negligence has been the primary reason for the numerous fire accidents causing a lot more damage.

Is it time to upgrade?

If your hoverboard battery is one year old and has suddenly stopped working, then you need to consider upgrading your old unbranded Chinese battery to the rather safe and sophisticated UL2271 battery and a UL listed hoverboard charger. The new UL2271 battery comes verified with a variety of security checks and in a proper hardened black insulation casing. However, the UL2271 has been built in a fashion that it will easily fit into your old hoverboard without any fuss.

How to recognize a branded UL2271 battery from a regular one?

Apart from the branding of the manufacturer, the branded batteries come in a black box with proper heat insulation whereas the regular unbranded batteries come usually wrapped in blue (sometimes green or even grey) heat shrink materials. The branded batteries use premium quality raw materials that guarantee a lot better performance. They also come with labels of all the tests they have been through in order to pass the safety certification protocols.

Hoverboard Batteries Type

The hoverboards batteries are typically lithium-ion batteries much like your usual laptops or smartphones that contain liquid lithium which contains an electrolyte (lithium in its liquid form), an anode and a cathode. The electrolyte allows the discharge of ions from anode to cathode while charging, thus generating a storable charge. These batteries have gained popularity in terms of power sources in portable devices because of their high energy density and low self-discharging attributes.

So, how do you ensure that your hoverboard does not explode?

  • Store your hoverboard in a dry area at a temperature between 20*C – 30*C.
  • Do not overcharge your hoverboard.
  • Use only the dedicated charger that comes with your hoverboard to recharge your hoverboard’s batteries.
  • Make sure that there is no fluctuation in voltage while charging your hoverboard.

What are the factors that affect your hoverboards battery life?

  1. Hoverboard rider who weighs more exerts more pressure on the hoverboard, hence, forcing it to consume more energy to maneuver.
  2. The type of terrain on which you are riding is yet another reason. Rough or steep terrains require the hoverboards to consume more energy to push through them.
  3. Weather is another reason impacting the battery’s performance. A typical lithium-ion battery tends to discharge more quickly during the warm day of summer.
  4. Frequent charging and using the hoverboard without completely charging it may hamper the battery’s overall capacity to retain the charge.

How do you extend the life of the lithium-ion batteries used to power my hoverboard?

A) Do not completely discharge your hoverboard’s battery. This exerts a lot of load on the lithium-ion battery while recharging it. Typically stopping the usage of the devices upon indication of 20% battery ensures a longer battery life for your gadgets.

B) Preventing the batteries from overheating is another simple yet effective way to ensure a long battery life. While riding your hoverboard, keep a track of the device overheating. It is recommended that you immediately stop using the device as soon as you realize a bit more warmth in it. This will not only grant a better battery life for your device but will ensure your safety.

Irrespective of the unfortunate accidents, hoverboards are still on the list of some of the most desired gadgets. As a matter of fact, the hoverboard fire accidents that took place throughout the world made sure that these devices now come with proper safety checks and protocols, thereby ensuring the safety of the owners. So, if you’re planning on buying a hoverboard, there is no need to be worried about as long as you abide by the aforementioned basic instructions.

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