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Finding and choosing the best hoverboard that meets your needs is not an easy task, especially when you consider the number of hoverboards available in the market. While finding the right product for you can be a difficult task, we have written this article to help make the buying process more straightforward and effective for you.

With the use of newer technologies, hoverboards getting better and better and manufacturers are now able to provide us with cheap reliable hoverboards with amazing performance and quality. If you’re on a small budget, there are quite a few good options available under the $200 price range. Hoverboards price range won’t be as good as the more expensive hoverboards in the market but they will provide lots of fun and enjoyment for kids and some adults.

Now the question is how do you get the best hoverboard under 200? Or how much does a hoverboard cost?

You may choose the best hoverboard from our top 3 picks.

Sisgad Hoverboard Top

In this article, we have provided a list of cheap but best hoverboards under $200 and reviewed them in great detail in order to make it easy for you to choose which one to buy.

Quick List of Best Hoverboards Under $200

Therefore, if you really want to enjoy the value for your money, this extensive and detailed review of the top 10 hoverboards will provide you the value for your money and satisfaction. Here is the list.


PhotoNameFeaturesPrice Link
 SISIGAD HoverboardMax Speed: 9 miles
Capacity: 260+ Pound
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Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580Max Speed: 7 miles
Capacity: 220+ Pound
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TOMOLOO HoverboardMax Speed: 7.4 miles
Capacity: 165 Pound
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NHT 6.5″ inch Aurora HoverboardMax Speed: 7.5 miles
Capacity: 180 Pound
Out of Stock
XPRIT Self Balancing Scooters/HoverboardMax Speed: 6.2 miles
Capacity: 165 Pound
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FLYING-ANT HoverboardMax Speed: 9.3 miles
Capacity: 220 Pound
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Felimoda Self Balancing HoverboardsMax Speed: 7 miles
Capacity: 264 Pound
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EPCTEK 6.5” HoverboardMax Speed: 8 miles
Capacity: 250 Pound
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TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hover BoardMax Speed: 12 miles
Capacity: 220 Pound
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CHO 6.5″ inch Wheels Original Electric HoverboardMax Speed: 8.5 miles
Capacity: 264.5 Pound
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Here is Our List of Best Hoverboards Under $200 [Reviews]

1. SISIGAD Self Balancing Scooter 6.5″ – Top Hoverboard Under 200 USD

This hoverboard is specially designed for beginners, amateurs and office workers. You will be able to use this new form of transportation for cat or dog walking.

The SISIGAD hoverboard ensures fun and smooth rides which is quite impressive considering its modest price.

You will definitely get the value for your money as you will be getting a hoverboard packed full of amazing features and functionalities with any compromise on quality.

Awesome Features:

Speed: The speed of this hoverboard will take you by surprise. This hoverboard is really fast with a top speed of 9 mph. Having high speeds may be one of this hoverboard’s top selling points but we recommend not to let your kids ride it at such high speeds. Its riding range is about 6-9 miles per charge.

Load: It can support a minimum load of 44 lbs. and a maximum of 260 lbs.

Self-balance: The self-balancing feature of this hoverboard is incredible, you will be able to step on it go as if it was nothing. It’s so easy to learn how to ride it that even kids can master riding in just 10 minutes.

Safety: Safety is SISIGAD’s top priority while manufacturing their products. This hoverboard has passed all of UL’s strict electric and safety tests and received UL2272 certification. Its top-notch self-balancing feature prevents the rider from falling and its wide rubber tires can overcome any obstacles in their path making the ride smoother for the rider.

Bluetooth Speaker: You can connect its built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker with any kind of portable device and enjoy your favorite music while riding. With the LED lights flashing with the music it would make for a unique experience, especially for the kids.

Wheels: It has 6.5-inch high-quality rubber tires and non-slip foot pedals. The pedals are also shock-absorbing. This makes riding it safer and smoother.

Charging: Its 36V/2.0Ah battery takes about 3-5 hours to be charged fully.

Things to consider

  • The charging port could get loose.

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2. Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580

Swagtron is the leading innovator and market leader when it comes to hoverboards, skateboards, and scooters. They are quite well known for their high quality technologically advanced products.

The Vibe T580 is definitely one of those products. This hoverboard is packed full of features such as powerful motors, high speeds, Bluetooth app and speakers and many more.

If you are looking for a hoverboard that is stylish and has powerful performance rest assured you will get bang for the buck if you buy the T580.

You will be able to zig-zag around the neighborhood with having any safety or performance issues with this hoverboard

Awesome Features:

Speed: You will be able to race up to a top speed of 7.5 mph with this hoverboard. There are three modes available- the beginner, intermediate and advanced mode. The beginner mode limits settings such as max speed. So, that makes it safer for beginners.

This hoverboard can go up to 8 miles on a single charge.

Motor: This hoverboard is equipped with two 200W motors that are powerful enough to climb inclines of up to 30 degrees.

Bluetooth App: You will be able to stay in control of this hoverboard with just a tap on your phone. The Vibe T580 can be remotely monitored and control via a Bluetooth app. You will be able to check speed, change modes, monitor battery life with the app.

The app comes with a map function by which you can track where you have been to and check what distance you have traveled.

Self-balance: Due to the T580’s self-balancing feature riding it is as simple as start steer and stop. You just step on the non-slip foot pads and after the sensors activate you will be able to control where you go and also the speed of the hoverboard by shifting your weight.

Materials: This hoverboard is made of UL approved materials. Its 6.5″ solid rubber tires are strong and durable and ensure smoother rides.

Safety: The T580 has been UL certified as it has passed all of its strict electrical and safety tests. It has smart battery management, incombustible casing, zero-emissions motor and sentry shield technology.

Bluetooth Speaker: The T580 has a high-quality Bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to some music while riding.

Things to consider

  • Unsafe for kids as the music can be distracting.
  • The balance system can sometimes malfunction for kids.

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3. TOMOLOO Hoverboard – Another Best Hoverboard Under 200 Bucks

If you are looking for a hoverboard that looks a little funky TOMOLOO is the perfect choice for you. It comes in an amazing range of vibrant colors.

Quality control is assured with this hoverboard as from the materials to the whole manufacturing process for it meets all the industry requirements.

The hoverboard is also very technologically adept as it has sensors to track your acceleration levels and features to balance according to your weight. So it is perfectly suitable for both kids and adults.

The manufacturing company provides 24/7 customer service so you don’t need to hesitate to contact the seller if there are any issues with the product.

Awesome Features:

Speed: This hoverboard is a little slower than other hoverboards in the market. With the TOMOLOO hoverboard, you will get a top speed of 4mph.

Wheels: Its highly durable 6.5” rubber tires provide durability and make sure the rider gets smooth rides.

Self-balance: This is the first mechanical self-balancing electric hoverboard that is extremely safe for the amateurs. The hoverboard stays level to the ground where it has a rider on it or not. This makes it easier to ride.

Safety: The TOMOLOO hoverboard has high-temperature resistance and fire resistance. It received UL2272 certification and also UL2271 certification for its batteries. This is because it complied with all the US safety protocols.

Bluetooth Speaker: It is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.2 speaker. You can connect it to your phone and listen to your favorite songs while riding. The speaker plays music at the premium sound quality.

Lights: This hoverboard comes with an amazing RGB LED design with colorful lights. The lights even change colors with the tempo of the music.

Quality-standard: This hoverboard has professional gyroscopes, acceleration sensors, and a motherboard. These are put in place in order to make the riding experience more stable.

Things to consider

  • Doesn’t have an app to monitor its routes.
  • Can get damaged if it comes in contact with water.

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4. NHT 6.5″ inch Aurora Hoverboard (Out of Stock)

The next item on our list is a product for those who prefer to have a ride which is safe and slow. NHT (New High Tech) always strives to provide its users with high-quality products and pleasant customer service.  NHT stands behind their products so you should feel free to contact them if you face any issues. This model is comparatively slow compared to its competitors available in the market. But it does excel pretty well in its other features.

Awesome Features:

Speed:Its standard speed for traveling is about 6 miles per hour. However, when its dual motors are fully charged and functional, you can ride it at a speed of about 7.5 miles per hour.

Load: This hoverboard can take a minimum load of 44lbs. and a maximum weight of 180lbs. So, kids and adults alike can ride this hoverboard with any hassle.

Self-balance: All of NHT hoverboards come equipped with the latest state of the art self-balancing technology. Even beginners can master riding this hoverboard in a matter of minutes.

Safety: This product has been UL2272 certified meaning it has been tested for electrical performance and fire-resistance. According to the manufacturer, the product’s safety is of the utmost importance to them. So, you can feel safe when you or your loved ones use this hoverboard.

Tires: This hoverboard has robust 6.5” vacuum tires.

Bluetooth Speaker: It comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker which you can connect to your phone (android or IOS), computer or laptop and listen to your favorite tune while riding. The Bluetooth speaker has been licensed and certified ensuring a stellar performance. One thing to be noted here, the rainbow version does not have Bluetooth.

Gyroscope Technology: It has gyroscopic sensors that make it easy for the rider to maneuver the hoverboard. These sensors also help in controlling your angle and speed.

Things to consider

  • Can’t go very fast when the battery is not full.
  • Not suitable for small kid’s.

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5. XPRIT Self Balancing Scooters/Hoverboar

This model is the perfect choice for kids. It has colorful LED lights that give it a trendy and sleek look. For kids, the design is lovely and cool.

So if you are looking for something to get your kid for their next birthday, you can gift them with this amazing model. They will love it.

The hoverboard weighs only 15 pounds. So carrying it is a breeze for kids. And safety is not an issue either here. Because the hoverboard has self-balancing features which will prevent your kid from falling off.

Therefore, even if it’s your child’s first time to play with it, you can sit back and relax.

Awesome Features:

Speed: This hoverboard is actually quite fast. You can get a maximum speed of 6mph from this hoverboard and it will last for about 45-75 minutes per charge.

Load: This hoverboard can take a minimum load of 45lbs. and a maximum weight of 165lbs.

Self-balance: The XPRIT hoverboard has a sophisticated self-balancing feature making it easy for kids to use.

Safety:All of XPRIT hoverboards are UL2272 certified as they are made with top-quality materials. This hoverboard has passed strict safety tests to prove its authenticity and security.

We would recommend you make sure your kids are using safety gear while riding it.

Bluetooth Speaker: The XPRIT hoverboard comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker which you can connect to your phone. A lot of customers really liked this feature.

Gyroscope Technology: It has anti-slip rubber foot pads and gyroscopic foot sensors that make it easy for the rider to maneuver and control the hoverboard. These swiftly respond to angle and speed.

Wheels: Its 6.5” strong non-slip rubber tires make sure you get smooth rides no matter what kinds of obstacles you may face while riding.

LED lights: It is equipped with vibrant colorful LED lights. These lights are long-lasting and enhance your riding experience.

Things to consider

  • Not the best choice for adults.
  • Can only incline at about 15 degrees angle.

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6. FLYING-ANT Hoverboard

The FLYING-ANT hoverboard is safe and sweet for both you and your family members.

You don’t ever have to worry about it catching on fire because it is made up of fire-resistant materials. Hence it is entirely fire and accident-proof which gives it the revered and trusted UL certification.

Not only this, this hoverboard comes with a self-balancing feature that adjusts its speed according to your weight.

The design is perfectly modern and trendy. It has colorful LED lights not just on its back and front, but also on the wheels.

So, everyone you hit the roads, the LED lights will give you a futuristic feel. The structure is full proof as well to ensure a comfortable ride without falling over and tripping.

Awesome Features:

Speed: This hoverboard reach a top speed of 6mph and you can ride it for 9.3 miles per charge because of its powerful dual motors.

Load: This hoverboard can take a minimum load of 44lbs. and a maximum weight of 264lbs. So, it is basically compatible with riders of all ages.

Self-balance: Its self-balancing technology makes it easy for amateurs and beginners to learn and maintain balance.

Safety:Safety is guaranteed with this hoverboard as it has been UL2272 certified. It has passed all of the critical UL safety tests to ensure that you and your family members will remain safe while riding this hoverboard.

Bluetooth Speaker: And if you are worried about your kid getting bored, rest assured. This hoverboard too, like its competitors, has a Bluetooth speaker attached to it. The speaker is compatible with both Android and IOS phones.

Gyroscope Technology: It has anti-slip rubber foot pads and gyroscopic foot sensors that make it easy for the rider to maneuver and control the hoverboard. These swiftly respond to angle and speed.

Wheels:It has 6.5” vacuum wheels.

LED lights: There are LED lighting on the front, rear unit, and the wheels. These lights not only look stylish but they also make the ride safer at night.

Things to consider

  • No Bluetooth speakers.
  • Takes about 3 hours to charge.

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7. Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboards

This self-balancing hoverboard by Felimoda is the perfect riding companion for both kids and adults. Due to its modern and futuristic look, anyone irrespective of their age can look cool riding it.

It has colorful LED lights both on its rear and back, which can blink when the battery is low. So anyone riding it will easily know when to recharge the equipment.

If you are an amateur, you don’t need to be worried. Because of the easy operability of the equipment will enable you to learn how to operate it within minutes.

So whether you are a kid or an adult, you can hit this hoverboard without any difficulty. Rest assured as the self-balancing feature won’t make you trip or fall over.

Awesome Features:

Speed: This hoverboard has amazing torque as it can reach an impressive top speed of 9mph due to its powerful dual 300W motors.

Motors: This hoverboard overcome slopes and obstacles like they were nothing because of its powerful motors. You can climb a maximum incline of 15 degrees with it.

Self-balance: Its self-balancing technology makes it easy for amateurs and beginners to learn and maintain balance. The hoverboard automatically stops if the rider steps off.

Safety:The felomida hoverboard has met all the quality standards for charging and electrical performance specified by UL. So it received UL2272 certification. It has low voltage protection, short-circuit protection, overcharge and overheat protection.

Bluetooth Speaker: Its Bluetooth speaker is easy to connect and has great sound quality.

Wheels: It has 6.5” solid rubber all-terrain tires. The tires are explosion-proof making them safer than other hoverboard tires.

LED lights:It has very bright LED lights on its wheels.

Things to consider

  • No Bluetooth speakers.
  • Battery can drain out fast.

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8. EPCTEK 6.5” Hoverboard

The EPCTEK hoverboard will make for an amazing gift for kids, adults and sports enthusiasts. Riding this hoverboard with your kids and family members will make for a fun experience.

Its most amazing feature would have to be its sleek, stylish design. It is apparent that the manufacturer has put a lot of emphasis on the look and feel of this hoverboard. It also comes in a lot of colors and designs to choose from.

Aside from its design this hoverboard has powerful 300W dual motors, gyroscope foot sensors, wide rubber tires and LED lights.

Awesome Features:

Speed: This hoverboard reach a top speed of 8mph which more than fast enough.

Self-balance: Its self-balancing feature will help you get the hang of how to maintain the balance of this hoverboard in just a minute. The self-balancing control system makes it easy for kids to learn and provides them with full stability.

Safety:This hoverboard is UL2272 certified. It is stable and safe. Its electrical and battery charger system has been tested thoroughly.

Bluetooth Speaker: You can connect its Bluetooth speaker to your electronic device and blast out music while riding.

Gyroscope Technology: It has gyroscopic foot sensors under its foot pads that make it easy for the rider to maneuver and control the hoverboard. These swiftly respond to angle and speed.

Wheels:Its non-slip 6.5” solid rubber wheels make sure that you get smooth rides indoors and outdoors.

LED lights:It has colorful LED lights that make it safe for you when you are in a dark place.

Things to consider

  • The battery doesn’t last as long as advertised.

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9. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hover Board

The best pick on our list is a hoverboard that is the safest. It maintains international safety regulations that have earned it a variety of UL certifications.

Moreover, the battery is long-lasting and accident-proof. There is no risk of it catching on fire during charging as well due to the high safety standards it meets.

This product is sturdy and strong. It is made of materials that can ensure a safe ride with ease.

It is suitable for kids and adults both due to its variable weight carrying capacities. Additionally, it comes with colorful LED lights that give you a futuristic look while you ride this hoverboard.

Awesome Features:

Speed:With this hoverboard, you will get a cruising speed of 12km/h for long distance for riders up to a maximum weight of 165lbs. It will last for 10km on a single charge.

Self-balance: Its self-balancing technology makes it easy for amateurs and beginners to learn and maintain balance.

Safety:This hoverboard has been UL2272 certified. It also received MSDS/IN38.3 and UL2271 certification for its battery safety. The manufacturing process of its shell is similar to the iPhone shell. It is high-temperature resistant and fire-resistant.

Bluetooth Speaker: Its speaker has Bluetooth 4.0 technology and an integrated cavity design. The speaker is compatible with both Android and IOS phones. The speaker provides stereo sound.

Wheels: Its tires are made of solid rubber.

LED lights:Its awesome colorful RGB LED lighting gives the rider a unique experience. The colors of the LED lights change with the rhythm of the music.

Things to consider

  • The LED lights can’t be turned off.
  • The self-balancing feature can sometimes malfunction.

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10. CHO 6.5″ inch Wheels Original Electric Hoverboard

CHO Hoverboard could be one of the best hoverboards for individuals operating on a budget.

CHO has been extensively tested and certified to ensure safety to the users. Yes it’s UL2272 certified as well as MSDS/IN38.3.

It comes with a 6.5-inch wheel made to last for a long period. It is built with some of the best Bluetooth speakers. So it offers a premium sound quality that ensures you’re entertained throughout your adventure.

Awesome Features:

Speed: With this hoverboard, you will get a max speed of 10km per hour. It has a maximum range of 12km per charge.

Load: It can support a minimum load of 40 lbs and a maximum of 264.5 lbs

Self-balance: Its self-balancing technology makes riding it easy for beginners.

Safety: This hoverboard has been UL2272 certified. It also received MSDS/IN38.3 and UL2271 certification for its battery safety. The manufacturing process of its shell is similar to the iPhone shell. It is high-temperature resistant and fire-resistant.

Bluetooth Speaker: The CHO 6.5” hoverboard has a Bluetooth speaker with stereo sound and premium sound quality. It can be connected to any device with Bluetooth connectivity. You could listen to music or books without wearing any headphones.

Wheels:Ithas 6.5-inch vacuum type tires.

Charging: Its 36V/4000Mah battery takes about 90 to 120 minutes to get fully charged. We recommend the hoverboard is fully charged before using it.

Things to consider

CHO lacks a control application.

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Best Hoverboard Under $200 – Buyers Guide

Before taking a decision of purchasing a Hoverboard, there are a lot of things you need to put into consideration to ensure safety, standard, quality, and efficiency of the product. This is important because it enables you to acquire the right board that will meet your satisfaction. The following are some of the things you need to look at before buying a hoverboard.


This is one of the greatest concerns for the users of hoverboards because some boards are likely to catch fire while being ridden or when charging. A safe hoverboard should come certified by the UL 2271 or UL 2271, which is a world organization that ensures a gadget or product is safe. Therefore, before buying, you should check whether the product has UL2272 certification. This is what determines the safety of the product.


Before placing an order for the hoverboard, it is recommendable that you look at the customer reviews. This will help to know whether it is a performer or a flop as advertised or it comes with batteries of poor quality which you’re compelled to recharge every time.


If possible, go for hoverboard brand that is US-based. Most of their scooters are subjected to federal and state laws. Also, retailers such as Amazon are reputable as they provide general policies of return.

Speed and range

When considering speed, many hover models offer a similar range of speed. Those models designed for kids come with a lower speed of 2 miles. However, skilled users can ride models with the faster speed of at least 12 miles. Other models such as Swagway boast of distance range that goes up to 20 miles.

Charging Period

This is another important aspect that you need to consider. It is good to examine the charging period of a board because batteries are the source of power for any self-balancing scooter. They are the determiner of the speed of your hoverboard. hoverboard Charging period is a good factor. There are some hoverboards that will take a chunk of your time to get charged fully, avoid them.

Rider’s Level of Skill

You realize boards are not made for little kids. These gadgets can really move at high speed risking the life of your child. If you do an examination on scooters, you will realize they are recommended for children above 12 years old.

Similarly, hoverboards are not made for people weighing over 200 pounds because some of them may not be able to support that capacity. Even if one is capable of riding, your weight is likely to limit its speed.


If you are likely to use your hoverboard everywhere you go, then you need to consider weight before buying. Most of them weigh around 20 to 30 pounds. However, if you will have to carry it for a long distance, it is likely to be heavy.


Best Hoverboard Under $200 – FAQ

Which is the best hoverboard model for kids?

Well, most of the kids just want to ride boards for fun. Depending on the speed and the size of the board, then TOMOLOO Hoverboard is best hoverboard for kids.

How big is Hoverboard?

The size of any hoverboard will depend greatly on their wheels. At the market, there are different types of hoverboard that comes with different sizes that vary between 6.5 inches to 10 inches.

What is the cost of building a hoverboard?

The cost depends highly on the materials used in the construction. You realize a battery is one of the expensive parts which are fixed to a hoverboard. For example, with above types of hoverboards, their total cost of production is below $200.

How can you restart a hoverboard?

You should not move the board, just press and keep holding the power button for a period of 10 seconds. Don’t pay attention to any beep or flashlight during this time. After, leave the power button and turn the hoverboard off. Up to that level, the hoverboard can comfortably restart.

For more details you may check this videos.

This video created by – Fahad Ahmed

Final words

There are a lot of hoverboards on the market and choosing the best one for a specific price range is difficult. The hoverboards reviewed above are some of the best in the market right now which are made with high-quality materials and provide top-notch performance.

We hope that this list will help you choose a hoverboard under $200 that suits your needs. We recommend you read and our buyer’s guide to fully grasp which features you should be prioritizing in order to make your decision.


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