Best Mobility Scooter for Outdoors Buying Guide 2019

Best Mobility Scooter – Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel

Hate depending on others to take you for outdoor activities. Shopping or picnic. Not everyone can afford expensive vehicles for their daily travelling. Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by pride is a perfect to take you for shopping or to get around the house. This comfy and compatible product will give you a smooth ride unaffected by doorframes and other obstacles.

The product has maximum speed of 4mph with 6.3 miles range with smooth forward and reverse controls. If you are searching for the perfect mobility scooter and its features which will thoroughly dissect the product. Then you are certainly at the right place. This guide will thoroughly explain why this product is best to buy along with answers to all the queries comes to your mind while buying the product.

Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel – Why it is the best?

This 3 wheel mobility scooter by Pride is designed in best manner. It has a comfortable padded faux-leather seat which supports your back and provides a tired free ride. The seat is adjustable to every height and has armrests that flip according to your ease. It not only carries you comfortably wherever you want but also you can carry it with complete ease and comfort wherever you want. It is weight friendly and requires less space. You can simply dissemble them in 5 lightweight pieces which includes the heaviest piece of 27.5 lbs. the product is separated into five part i.e. basket, seat, rear section, front section, and battery pack. It is travel friendly and can be taken independently. As it fit into trunk of a normal average sized sedan.

How to help us Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel?

High cornering speed can lead you towards tripping. It is always recommended to lower your speed and sharpness of the corner while turning around the corners to avoid accidents or tripping. If your travel scooter is equipped with  pneumatic tires, you should check or have the air pressure checked at least once a week. Proper inflation pressures the life of your tires and help ensure the smooth operation of your travel scooter.

It is highly suggested to avoid areas with long grass to avoid tangling, uneven paths to avoid bumpy ride or in sand or corner of lakes or oceans. Rainy weather is also not recommended while driving the product. The product is not friendly for staircases or high slope areas. Precautions are necessary to avoid accidents.

Why to buy this product?

The product is equipped with regenerative brakes and Disc Park brake. It also has a warning horn. Never hesitate to operate your warning horn if you sense some accident. The speed limit of the scooter can also be controlled manually. The image of tortoise signals low speed however the image of hare means high speed. When the device is started the battery indicator provides the estimate strength of the battery.

There is a manual freewheel mode which is activated if you want to push scooter yourself.

Product specifications:

  • It is 22.3” wide with height of 37’’.
  • This 92 lbs mobility scooter has capacity to carry 275 lbs of weight.
  • It has a 17” wide adjustable seat with maximum height of 21”.
  • It includes a cup holder, a front basket for personal stuff and a saddlebag.
  • The battery can charge up to 12AH which is provided with the product.
  • It requires only 8 to 10 hours charging the battery fully.
  • The product is supposed to place in a clean dry environment.
  • It is highly recommended not to use the product in rain or snowfall.

Final words

Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is the perfectly designed with all the necessary accessories which are required by a customer. Product is equipped whit maximum battery time, controllable speed limit, comfortable seat, a saddlebag and basket for your personal stuff, a warning horn, and  perfect tires for a smooth ride. The product warns you about all the necessary precautions need to be taken because they care about their customers and their safety because, Safety comes first. The product never claims to have things which will disappoint you rather it warns you about the difficulties you might face while using it. If you are planning to buy a mobility scooter then this surely the right product made for you.

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