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Hoverboards have been there for quite some time. Unlike the normal Hoverboards which are designed to be used on smooth surfaces, off road Hoverboards are designed with more rugged features suitable for the off-road surface conditions.

Perhaps you could have been searching online for the best off road hoverboard and met all sorts of reviews. This could as well be your first time to make your online search for Hoverboards. You will agree that it is not easy to make a right choice unless you know the features which you should look for and the pointers to a good off road Hoverboard.

Features to look for below I have compiled a list of the main features which you should check when purchasing your off road Hoverboard.

Best Off Road Hoverboard Features

hoverboard safety tips

Your safety comes first. You should, therefore, go for those Hoverboards which are safe to ride. In the part, there have been cases of Best Hoverboards which burned due to the electrical strain. This usually occurs when the battery is over-strained and drains more power than what is can normally deliver.

The hoverboard  tires in off road

Since you will be using this Hoverboard on rough terrains the suitable wheels should have several features. Fast, they should be made of pneumatic rubber to cushion you against the rough surface and increase the overall ride comfort. They should also be a little bit more rugged then those which are used on normal surfaces. The size of the tires should also be something which you should take attention of. Since the road is not smooth, larger tires will be better as they will help you to easily navigate over pebbles and other small obstacles on the road.

ul certified hoverboard

Certification implies that a product has been tested by third-party organizations such as certification boards and it has met the minimum standards. Always go for those products which have been certified by legitimate certification bodies. A certification make implies that the capabilities which the brand claims to have been verified to be true. In the US, some of the certification bodies include nemko and UL.

Torque of hoverboard wheel

Torque is the force delivered by the motor connected to the wheels. Thus it is proportional to the wattage rating of the motor. A motor of 400 watts will deliver higher torque than that of 300 Watts and vice versa. A higher torque implies that the off the road hoverboard can move at a faster speed and can also climb steep inclines. It you make a mistake of buing a low torque overboard you will have problems making your overboard to climb steep inclines.

Hoverboard weight capacity

This is the number of pounds which the overboard can carry. It is also a measure of the level of stress and impact the overboard can withstand without breaking. This feature is critical especially for the off road hoverboard as it will be a big determinant of the durability of the product.

This guide will give you an in-depth analysis of the off road GOTRAX Hoverfly hoverboard and the reasons why we believe that it is the best off road hoverboard.

How to use GOTRAX Hoverfly Hoverboard?

Switching on- There are two starting modes for this best hoverboard. The training mode is used for those who are training to ride the board and has speed limits. The standard mode is used by experienced users and does not have speed limits.

Bluetooth setup – This hoberboard has Bluetooth speakers which can be paired with smartphones to play your favorite music while still enjoying the ride. To play music on these speakers, pair your smartphone with the Bluetooth speakers. After a successful pairing of the smartphone with the hoverboard speakers, select the song which you would wish to play. The new song will play in the hoverboard’s speakers. Since Bluetooth has a limitation of around 30 meters, it is advisable to maintain a close distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth speakers.

Setting on the board – Use your best foot to first step on the hoverboard then add the other foot later.

How to Ride – Riding Gotrax off road hoverboard is easy. To start this hoverboard, push the power button at the back of this product. Step on the hoverboard and wait for some time. Once it senses the added weight it will start on its own. To ride forward, just lean slightly to the front. To make slight left and right turns gently lean on the desired direction. The hoverboard mechansms will detect such an imbalance of weight and change direction smoothly.

Stepping off- After you are done with your ride, you will need to step off the hoverboard. To do so, you need to stand upright and remain still for some time. The hoverboard will come to a standstill. Alight from the back. Remember to always turn off the hoverboard after use to avoid possible injuries.

Calibrating- This is done in order to correct any self-balancing challenges which may develop which time. What is of great importance is the adjustment of the foot pedals so that they fall under the same horizontal level. After that, you will need to press the power button for 10 seconds after which you will turn it off. This simple procedure will help you calibrate your product.

Why GOTRAX Hoverfly is the best off Road Hoverboard?

Can carry heavier weights– One reason why Gotrax Hoverfly qualified as the best off road hoverboard is its ability to carry heavy loads. Those users who are a little bit heavy should thus not fear breaking this hoverboard. Its frame is strong enough to support heavy weights.

Higher speeds– this device can accelerate and reach a speed of 7.4MPH. for an off road hoverboard, this speed is quite amazing.

Aggressive and stylish riding styles– Gotrax Hoverfly offers its users the ability to take easy maneuvers through its intelligent pedal system. For the lovers of thrilling rides, this is the best hoverboard for you.

Extreme ruggedness– This hoverboard is designed to withstand the most defficult and rough terrains. From the wheel design to the pedal, and also the materials forming the rest of the frame, stiffness, and strength to with stand impact is emphasized.

Major Specification:

  • Board materials– the board materials are made of strengthened aluminum which gives the board both lightness and strength.
  • Electrical safety certification- the off road hoverboard is certified by UL. This implies that it has passed the stringent quality thresholds of this certification body.
  • Torque- the two 350 watts motor gives this hoverboard a high troque. It can, in fact, reach a speed of 7.4MPH.
  • Tires- this product comes with rugged tires which are 8.5 inches and aluminum rim.


  • It is reasonably fast as compared to other hoverboards.
  • High ruggedness gives it a long service life.
  • Comes with Bluetooth capabilities to enable you to play music on the Bluetooth speakers.
  • It is light thus is can easily be carried from place to place.


  • The speakers which are attached below the hoverboard are vulnerable to wear and tear.

Additional information (FAQ)

What is contained in the whole hoverboard shipping package?

The shipped package comes with the hoverboard itself, charger to charge the overboard and the power cable. The Bluetooth speakers are fixed on the bottom side of the hoverboard.

How long will it take to charge the hoverboard battery?

It usually takes one hour to charge.

Are there different colors to choose from?

Yes, there are several colors which you can choose from. This includes green, black and red color variations.

Which terrains can I ride on using this hoverboard?

The terrains include grass, sand, and surfaces with small gravel.

Can the hoverboard climb stiff inclines?

Yes, the hoverboard can climb inclines of up to 30 degrees. However, the ability to climb such will also depend on the weight of the person riding it.


From the review above, it is clear that GOTRAX Hoverfly Hoverboard is the best off road hoverboard. The board has one of the most amazing features. This includes high ruggedness, top speed, well-engineered tires, and a stiff frame. Added to this, the board is UL certified which increases the confidence level on this reliability of this hover board.

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