Which is the best scooter brands 2019?

These days’ scooters have become very common for adults, children, and teenagers, regardless of the occupation, age or gender. Well, the bigger challenge is experienced when it comes to choosing the appropriate scooter brand considering varied designs of brands, bars, and weight provided in the market.

This guide should, therefore, be able to help you identify the best scooter brand that is more efficient and up to the task. A brand that will favor your economic options, easy to use, offer freestyle rides and an adventure full of fun. With this extensively detailed review of best scooter brands, it is the high time you move to a different level of full-fun experience with scooters.

Top 3 Best Kick Scooter Brands 2019

NameFeaturesPrice Link
Globber One-Adult Kick Folding ScooterCapacity: 220 PoundSee On Amazon
Xootr Mg Kick Scooter FenderCapacity: 800 PoundSee On Amazon
Oxelo Town 9’ Easy Fold ScooterCapacity: 220 PoundSee On Amazon


Best Kick Scooter Brands Reviews

Globber One-Adult Kick Folding Scooter

Globber is one of the best scooters that we have around the globe. Also locally known as focused’ it can easily fit into any storage space, although it delivers some patented and revolutionary features. This scooter model can comfortably support a weight of up to 220 pounds and it is adjustable to a height of 1.9m. Additionally, it provides a trolley mode feature’ where the user is able to fold to allow easy storage. Generally, it’s a fantastic scooter and the best for adults.


  • The Best design for adults
  • Made of high-quality parts
  • Offers a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Most appropriate for all age groups.


  • Relatively expensive compared to lower-end scooters.

See on Amazon

Xootr Mg Kick Scooter Fender

Xoor Mg scooter is nicely constructed with a deck of solid Magnesium that features a low platform. It can easily glide hence saving your hours of walking. In efforts to stand against the high price of other kick scooters, Xootr offers the strongest qualities of construction than any other kick scooter in the market. This model comes with an amazing mix up of mechanical efficiency, style, size, and quality. It is designed with an attractive look and a heavy duty kit. A fantastic all-purpose product which is suitable for all kind of people.


  • Repair parts are easy to find
  • Offers huge platform
  • Can support users with a weight of up to 380 pounds


  • Generally heavy

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Oxelo Town 9’ Easy Fold Scooter

Oxelo 9 is a not a make from the manufacturers who are so specific on scooters, but it is an invention that was brought up from sports enthusiasts store referred to as Decathlon. Since it was launched, the scooter has received hip of praises and positive reviews of which I confirm as true because it perfectly fits any purpose.

This highly recommended Oxelo 9 features a high level of comfort since it comes with front suspension, the anti-vibration dampeners that are located on the rear wheel and an effective rubber grip around the deck. It is built on patented technology hence easy to fold. This, therefore, enables you to quickly fold and unfold in the shortest time. Despite its price, it’s worth the value because of the quality, suitability, and performance. Purchase this product and enjoy all kind of riding experiences.


  • Strongly built and long lasting
  • Suitable for all the ages
  • Ability to ride smoothly and fast
  • One of the highly rated scooters by commuters


  • Relatively expensive

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The Buying Guide for Best Scooters

The rise of scooters has been on the latest trend around the globe over a few years. And before you also get into it, here are a few guidelines that you should review, before you invade the market to find the perfect one for a ride.

As you think about being a fun of scooting, you slowly need to make some changes towards the most professional types. There are those scooters that come with strong decks, very large wheels and models of high quality. No one should cheat you, that there is that one type of scooter which is better and more effective than the other.

You need to go for one that provides a large frame or physique, large wheels, wider deck and large T-bars. Scooters with such feature are built for a rough ride and they can withstand more loads compared to the traditional ones and so they offer the best performance.

Consider the price –

Different models of scooters are offered at varied prices. You, therefore, need to consider those models that are eco-friendly especially if you’re a novice. For the skilled users, there those scooters that are accompanied by more advanced features, although their price is slightly higher.

The size –

Many scooters are made for different weights and ages, this, therefore, means that a scooter is best suited for a certain body type. However, you should not think that large is always good or would be the most appropriate for everyone. It is likely to be a hard scooter to handle and could result in chances of falling or injuries.

Safety –

This is the most important factor to consider in scooter brands. One needs to learn on how to ride a scooter safety before you acquire best balance, grip and slowly graduate into pulling expert stunts. However, they can be highly dangerous if you are not equipped with appropriate skills.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scooters

What Size of a bar should I go for?

All freestyle scooters are provided with a fixed one-piece bar. The width and height of the bars should be a personal taste, but if you’re new in the game, it is advisable to look for one with a crossbar that sits above the waist. It is more comfortable for many people.

How does the Xootr Maneuver Bumps on the road?

In such a case a huge Xootr is more efficient. The big diameter wheels are capable of clearing gaps in the concrete that are likely to make the skate wheel hang. It can also move well in gravels and other small terrain features. However, it is not advisable to slam Xootr on a carb like many do to bicycles.

How does electric scooter operate?

Well, the electric motor operates on power mechanism of battery and motor. A motor is just similar to the kick scooter that powers the ability to move. One is able to regulate the brakes and speed by pressing on a switch located on the handlebar. Electric scooters are more powerful and they can even ride uphill or successfully cut through the headwinds.

How big or tall is my rider supposed to be?

Well, small shredders may not be able to perform jumps and tricks, although it will be possible for more experienced riders. Therefore, heavier, or larger scooters may not be necessary for the younger group.


Technology keeps on evolving as inventions keep on improving. The same applies to scooters features, design, parts such as deck, wheels etc. They have been in constant change, and more effective options are available to work for everyone. It does not matter whether you’re heavily built or petite, a grandpa or an enthusiastic kid, a great stunt performer or safe ride, you will always have that best scooter that is made for you. And so with such designs already in the market, nothing should prevent you from enjoying the scooters.

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