EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Review

EPIKGO has integrated next-generation self-balancing board technology into its products. Hoverboards are really an innovative form of transportation. EPIKGO has taken this technology to the next level with their products. Hoverboards have had some safety issues in the past. That is why EPIKGO has made safety their top priority.

EPIKGO classic self-balance board is an amazing hoverboard packed with features. The manufacturer put a lot of effort into making this hoverboard better in all respects than any of its competitors. It’s bigger, faster and stronger than the competition.

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EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Functions


If you like to travel and you would like to have a tool that provides you with the means to do so this is the scooter for you. This self-balancing ride provides you with endless possibilities as you can take it anywhere no matter how harsh an environment you are traveling on. Its bigger design, powerful motor, high speed will give you a riding experience like no other.

You could go out in the neighborhood and zip around the blocks. You can also put it in your trunk while you go on a road trip and use it there. If you have an adventurous mindset, this is the best tool you could buy.

All Terrain Rides

Its solid rubber tires are made for all-terrain purposes. The 8.5” tires are relatively bigger than other hoverboards in the market. They have been IP56 rated for solidness, robustness and water resistance.

These heavy-duty tires make sure you don’t face any trouble while riding. They can easily go through mud, grass and even sand. You can go out with your scooter with worrying about what the weather condition may be or what kind of road you may need to travel on.

A safe smooth Ride

This is one of the safest hoverboards out there. The manufacturers left no stones unturned while testing this scooter for safety. EPIKO is well known for its strict safety regulations and testing. The EPIKO self-balancing scooter has undergone 159 tests regarding safety regulations and as expected it passed all of them with flying colors.

The safety concerns regarding hoverboards mostly come from fire hazards related issues. EPIKO made sure that this scooter does not have any potential fire hazards.

Its tires can take on any kind of obstacles that you might face while riding making sure you get a smooth ride. It uses next-generation cutting edge self-balancing technology so riding it becomes second nature to the rider.

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EPIKO Hoverboard Key Features


The EPIKGO has 400W dual motors which are extremely powerful and can maneuver the hoverboard with ease. The motors are perfect for speed, acceleration, and drifting.Its dual motors are powerful enough to help the hoverboard climb slopes up to 18 degrees.Its engine is twice as powerful as its leading competitor. The scooter will also last for more than 1 hour and will be able to cover a distance of 10 miles on a single charge.


EPIKGO hoverboard’s tires are probably what make it stand out from other hoverboards. Its tires are of 8.5″ width and made with solid rubber. According to the manufacturer the tires are made for all-terrain purposes. The tires have an IP56 rating and they got it by meeting a lot of criteria’s such as sturdiness and water resistance. The tires are also quite resistant to grass, mud, rainwater, and sand.

The hoverboard has alloy wheels making it quite rugged that protect the hoverboard’s interior. The tires have an amazing grip that keeps it stable on the road.


This hoverboard has UL2271 certified LG smart battery with intelligent protection. There is no risk of the battery overheating or short-circuiting.It has built-in 2-hour fast charging technology. You can easily charge it fully in just two hours, it’s just so convenient. This hoverboard’s battery and its fast charging technology make it one of the most innovative and advanced products of its kind.


As the saying goes “Bigger is better”, well, this is definitely true in the case of hoverboards. Hoverboards which are bigger in size are more durable, can go through obstacles easily and makes the ride smoother. The EPIKGO hoverboard is 30% larger than any of its leading competitors in the market. This hoverboard provides the rider with more foot space, meaning the rider can control the hoverboard quite easily. Its large size also contributes to making the ride as stable as possible and give more control to the rider.


Due to its powerful dual motors, this hoverboard can reach high speeds and can maintain that speed no matter what kind of obstacles may lie ahead. The maximum speed that the EPIKGO hoverboardcan reach is 10 miles per hour. This speed is perfect to zip around town and explore to your heart’s content. As its 400W motors can produce a great amount of acceleration and its tires are quite rugged and wide this hoverboard can maintain top speed and keep on traveling regardless of road condition. Bumps, cracks, mud, etc. won’t affect the hoverboard’s speed. So, if speed is your thing, this scooter is the way to go.

Safety Feature

Its UL2272 certification ensures that fire and electrical hazards won’t be a problem. Also, it passed a rigorous testing process consisting of 159 safety tests. It passed all the tests. EPIKGO put a lot of emphasis on the safety of the hoverboard.

Weight limit

This hoverboard can take a minimum load of 44 pounds and a maximum load of 240 pounds. Meaning users of different ages and weights can ride this hoverboard. But the manufacturers recommend that this hoverboard should be used by anyone aged 13 or greater.

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Alternate versions of the EPIKGO Hoverboard

EPIKGO has garnered a lot of popularity as a brand. All of their self-balance scooters and hoverboards provide a certain amount of quality that EPIKGO’s users really admire. They have also made some variations of the EPIKGO self-balancing scooter. Those are basically the same hoverboard but with an emphasis on a specific feature that would fit a user’s specific need.


The EPIKGO PREMIER has more to offer than the classic one. This is for riders who want to add some flare to their riding experience. This one comes in a very stylish golden color and has Bluetooth 4.0 speaker enabled.


This one best for those who want a speedy ride. This hoverboard has been optimized for speed and it takes riding performance to a whole new level.


This EPIKGO’s quickest model. It travels really fast and even has Bluetooth 4.0 speakers enabled. Sport Plus also has the sleekest design.

Should you buy EPIKGO self-balancing hoverboard?

Like all products, when buying you should consider all its features and match them with the features and functionalities that you need. You also should weigh the pros and cons of a product before buying it. That is what we would like to discuss here. The EPIKGO hoverboard is a sophisticated one of kind hoverboard in the market right now. What we really liked about this hoverboard was how smooth the riding experience it provides. Its safety features are also unmatched.


  • Its aluminum body frame makes it more durable and strong.
  • Its wide all-terrain tires make it perfect for riding on any weather or road condition and its wheels are made for maximizing performance.
  • You can reach new heights with it as it can even go up a slope of a maximum of 18 degrees.
  • For a self-riding vehicle, it has amazing speed. You will be able to quickly reach your destination.
  • It has better control and bigger foot space than its competitors. The extra foot space also makes it more comfortable for the rider to maneuver it.
  • You can travel on any kind of terrains. This hoverboard can travel over sand, puddles, grass without a hassle.


  • There are some flows in the programming/Operating system of the hoverboard.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t react immediately while stopping.

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Final Thoughts

We believe after reading all the features and pros and cons of the EPIKGO self-balancing hoverboard you have understood what an amazing hoverboard it is. It goes without saying that we wholeheartedly recommend buying it. Whether you are thinking of buying a hoverboard for traveling, for commuting or as a gift for your loved one this one is perfect for all purposes. It is highly recommended if you want a true commuting hoverboard.

In terms of overall performance, durability, design, and speed no other hoverboard can even compare to it. You would just love its smooth riding experience and exciting features.

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