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Are you searching helmets for hover boards? So, today I am going to review a very special product you are looking for. I have analyzed all of the features, specifications and how to use it. And now I am going to review the product in detail. After reading this review of mine, you can decide whether you should choose the product or not. This helmet that you can wear to protect your head. Let’s go and start the review of Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Skate/Hoverboard Helmet  with my point of view.

What makes this helmet so special?

What makes this helmet so special

It has magnetic buckles that make this super easy to take on and off. There’s no pinching. It also has crumple zones throughout the helmet. So if you get hit or in an accident-it’s really going to just help out. It also has great venting on the top of the helmet and on the back which is super good. The venting actually allows a lot of winds to come in and out of the helmet to keep your head cool.It also come with detachable visors on front. So when you want to look like a cool hipster, you can put the visor on and you can take it off whatever you want to do. Another Thing that really important about helmet is-It has a 360 reflective material around the helmet. So no matter what direction you are going in traffic, people are going to see you. Another great feature that everyone talks about that case and it is super eye catching. I mean it is fantastic to look at.

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Skate/Hoverboard for Helmet with 10 Vents Review

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Skate/Hoverboard Helmet with 10 Vents protective cap has arrived and is prepared to guard you. Cool, natural air surges in and pushes out stuffy, dormant air to keep you cool, dry, and agreeable. Our ultra-light cm-1 protective cap likewise accompanies 2 sets of inward pads that differ in thickness for you to alter your fit and enhance your comfort. This is the manner by which to quantify your set out toward a bicycle/hoverboard protective helmet: Measure the boundary of your head. Put the estimating tape around 1cm over your eyebrows and go the distance around your head in an even circle. US CPSC security standard tried and affirmed. Great skate structure head protector with 10 vents to keep you cool and agreeable and 2 sets of exchangeable pads for a custom fit. Full grown ABS encompasses astounding EPS froth to guarantee security on effect Keep your head ensured in this Critical Cycles/hoverboard helmet as you ride on your hoverboard, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, and bikes Pick from an assortment of matte Colors to superbly emphasize your bicycle/hoverboard and enlarge your identity and this protective cap is prescribed for riders who are age 15.

How to consider the helmet?

Impact absorbing ship-The impact absorbing liner is composed of Styrofoam content. The Styrofoam substance reduces the strength of the result by absorbing the shock waves. In lowering the price of harm due to the effect it will help.

Comfort support– Before purchasing the helmet usually fulfills the helmet you have to use includes padding. It also enables to suit your face within the helmet offers padding amidst a collision although the convenience support not just.

Prevention Program- The face straps that are lower build the helmet’s prevention system. The straps should be trimmed securely. It enables maintaining your helmet unchanged whenever you encounter an effect that is tough. The prevention program retains the helmet in your mind.

hoverboard helmet and pads

How to use this helmet?

Utilizing the helmet is simpler and you will find no specific direction that you might want to check out.Nevertheless, there are several faces that when you are carrying a helmet you might want to appear is the fact that the helmet. The traditional commuter helmet keeps you cozy as you put it on, the air vents maintains the work away, which likewise doesn’t permit any microorganism to develop within the helmet.

Design Verdict

The design of the Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Skate/Hoverboard Helmet with 10 Vents is really attractable and beautiful to look at.

Detailed Specifications

  • The top is frequently protected by the inside support of the helmet from severe accidents. The traditional commuter helmet’s interior support is fragile and extremely gentle yet strong enough to absorb the high impact’s pressure.
  • It is a DEWCOLLECTOR inside support engineering that retains microorganisms and the chair from home within the lids.Furthermore, additionally, it retains individual irritations’ top-the helmet’s external address shield the top from any considerable incidents and is tough.

Detailed Specifications

Key Features

  • The Traditional Commuter Helmet has an air port that makes it useful and very helpful.
  • It has magnetic buckles.
  • It also has great venting on the top of the helmet and on the back.
  • It comes with detachable visors on front.
  • It has a 360 reflective material around the helmet.
  • Wight 1 pound.

Product pros and cons

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  • It has an air port that makes it useful and very helpful.
  • It is tough outer coastline which could avoid an effect that is tough at the same time.
  • Furthermore, it is available in several dimensions.
  • The preservation program is allowed by the band program to function which will keep the helmet securely on-head.


  • As you use the helmet the gear straps could cause some discomfort on skin.
  • The parts may someday get caught with a few dirt or dust particles and stop ventilation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the helmet fit for youngsters of age 8-10?

All of the dimensions including kids to people are covered by the traditional commuter helmet. It may simply match on an eight years old child/woman and also the bigger’s comparable helmet may also be employed by a person of sixteen years old.

What is the weight of this helmet?

1 pound.

Is it worth your money?


My Final Verdict

It is completely fine for you. I think it is going to be good for hoverboard user. Right you don’t have to wait and you will see for your helmet to actually lock in. I found that it was fairly accurate on the actual model what their company is actually saying on it.So, you should buy this product because of its some interesting features. It can worth your money because its price is reasonable.

  • November 10, 2018
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