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Hi! This is my personal review of this product. Protect your self balancing hover board. Are you tired of dirty dents and scratches on your brand new hoverboard?

Let’s get make the hoverboard look like an old one when a friend wants to test it.360 protection or silicone skip wraps and shields top and bottom of your self balancing hoverboard. Various colors to match your day compatible with best size self balancing hoverboard. Make sure silicone cover  is fully on without touching wheel before riding it.

Now I am going to tell you in this article about FBSPORT 6.5inch Silicone Scratch Protector Cover Case for 2 Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter in details.

What is hover board cover case?

A hoverboard case is an external plan that makes the hoverboard look so glitzy and tasteful. Everybody has their alternate points of view and styles of example, structure and shading combinations. In any case, not all hover boards come in a similar style measurement you needed. Custom and modest hoverboards skin are particularly prominent among the general persons and a hoverboard carrying case causes you to convey your hoverboard anyplace you need. However, there are some hover board skin and cases which are the most prevalent among clients and we will discuss them in the area coming up. So let us examine them.

FBSPORT 6.5inch Silicone Scratch Protector Cover Case for 2 Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter Review

It fully wraps around your hoverboard. So it can protect and customize your hoverboard. If you want a hoverboard, you know easily they get scratched up. This is just from normal wear and tear but you can turn this into looking like gorgeous. It made out of silicone. So you can easily stretch it onto the hoverboard. Although it takes a couple of minutes. But because it is made out of silicone, you do not have to worry about sticking anything on and leaving residue behind if you take it off. Bowl styles feature 360 degree protection and even have added grips for your feet.

Is this product worth your money?

Yes, it is must worth your money. These cases retail 20 or 30 dollars on Amazon. Either for the regular hover board.

What about its build quality?

These cases are really high quality. They are precisely cut and wrap around the board perfectly. If you have a hoverboard that has built in pads on the top, then no need to worry. It has the cut out. So they could still fit in the case on the front. There’s cut out for the LED lights and on the back. There’s a cut out for the charging port and power button. Also the key straps at the perfect point on the bottom. So you can still carry your self balancing hoverboard around.

What I found in this product?

I have really found two cons with them. Number one is-Leave sticks to it easily. But obviously this will not be a problem in the other three seasons. In number two is-I have really noticed this on the swagtron t1 cover case but when going through grasp the case slides off easily. But in my opinion, pros definitely outweigh the cons.

How many colors have this product?

It has too many colors like-gray/black, purple/black, orange/black, light blue, black, light green,blue/black,blue/orange,blue,black/red,teal,pink,red,green,gray,camo.

Product Features Details

Another choice to help the obstruction of your hoverboard against the components outside that can cause scratches, harms, or gouges, is the silicone protector cover case. FBSPORT spreads out a determination of scratch-safe, water-safe, and slip safe silicone defensive cases and you can decide on the cover case that gives the most reasonable fit. You can select the color, as well! As it is dealt with, it shows a layer of insurance that keeps the hover board from residue and other hurtful components.

Key Features

  • Made by 100% silicone.
  • Appropriate for 6.5″balance hoverboard as it were. If it’s not too much trouble note: Because a couple of boards types are not the same as the ordinary model, it would be ideal if you ensure your hover board is the same as our image, else, it cannot fit extremely well.
  • Make the best balance wheel have an alternate style.
  • It would be ideal if you take note of, the Self Balancing Electric hover board does exclude.
  • Scratch-safe
  • Water-safe
  • Skid-obstruction
  • Check Circle Protect your bike and make your bike identity.
  • Check Circle This item should be in the tooling for over 300 seconds, and the surface has been dealt with, which makes it won’t retain dusty. All these make cost is higher, it worth the cost.


  • Fits the well-known hover boards of the standard size of 6.5 inches of different brands.
  • The outstanding water and Dustproof assurance enable clients to utilize it generally.
  • Has a replacement guarantee for the abandoned piece, whenever got.


  • The item has a tendency to get loose at a few places on the hover board.
  • Skin color, after an extended stretch of use, has a tendency to lose out on its color.
  • Can be hard to fit in some hover boards.

How to install it?

It looks pretty simple to put on. In your hover board there is holes and little plugs there and same thing on the other side. The establishment is simple. You can simply slip it around the edges to completely cover your hoverboard. A few shoppers gripe that the defensive case backs off the hoverboard. It can occur on the off chance that you don’t get the correct fit or it isn’t introduced effectively.

Why you should buy this product?

This is newly released product. Be the first to sport a 2 wheel turn heads from making the smart choice of using this product. Your friends will be amazed and give you high-fives when they see your self balancing hoverboard. Always looking clean without a scratch lifetime warranty. You cannot lose with this 102 a hassle replacement guarantee.


  • Is it user friendly?


  • Is it washable?

Yes because it is water resistance.

  • Does it fit the Swagtron T1 with Bluetooth?

Oh! No, it didn’t.


It is really a good product. It will must worth your money.So, if you are looking to protect and customize your hoverboard, I would strongly recommend picking this product.

  • November 18, 2018
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