How much is a hoverboard charger? The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2019

How much is a hoverboard charger?

Hoverboards have been in existence since in the 80s & 90s. Back then, it was a popular medium of commuting but up-to-date, many still use it as a mode of transport and it can be used with people of all ages. However, to keep as well as maintain a hoverboard, there are various different things that you are required to have whereby, among the most essential elements in all the required accessories being a hoverboard charger.

For you to enjoy a ride in your hoverboard, apparently, you’re required to charge it fully or recharge it in-case the batter gets drain-up after use. There are different types of chargers on the market but the prices vary based on the charger’s brand.

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How can you choose the right charger?

It’s important to note that cheap is expensive though you may still find an expensive charger but of low quality. Therefore, before you make a decision on which type of charger to buy, consider the quality of the charger and ask yourself if it’s really worth its cost!

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Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right charger

  1. At all times, consider checking the power, voltage as well as the current ratings of the charger you’re about to purchase. These factors will help determine the time taken for a charger to fully charge a hoverboard, will it charge faster or slower? Carefully check on the amount of power in which your charger will give-out as well as the voltage it’s going to emit. Henceforth, a good charger should have the correct power-output for your hoverboard’s battery.
  2. Before you make a decision to buy a charger, check if it has all the international-standards and labels. This will greatly help to ensure that your charger is certified and branded as well thus making it more reliable and effective compared to other chargers in the market. Often, these chargers are of the hefty price tag but based on their quality; they are better value for money thus it’s worth the price. To sum-it-up, this kind of chargers is effective compared to the cheaper one made of low-quality materials.
  3. Check on the return policy when purchasing a hoverboard charger. This is to avoid cases of buying counterfeit products in the market. There are many fake companies out there selling sub-standard hoverboard-chargers that look almost the same as the original brands.
  4. Always read on customers reviews on the charger before you make a purchase; In many instances, customers leave reviews on the products they have purchased like on Amazon. These will help you determine if the charger is of high or low quality based on the customers’ testimonies and reviews.
  5. Consider purchasing Chargers that are of U.S-based brands first in that, they offer both warranties as well as customer support.

How do you know if a hoverboard charger is of high quality?

Numerous reports have been made in reference to the explosion of hoverboards while charging. This has been a major issue of concern and to avoid being a victim of such cases. It is necessary that, before purchasing a charger, you should check on the material used to make the hoverboard battery.

Today, apart from in China, there are numerous factories producing Li-ion batteries; though they are being packed with an incredible amount of energy they are slightly more volatile compared to disposable alkaline batteries. That’s why; I advised you earlier in the article that, you should prefer buying U.S-based brands since they conform to the standard and regulations.

Li-ion batteries are off. low quality and can easily explode or rather combust due to failure to follow the required production standards as well as using cheap materials to produce such batteries. Therefore, it’s essential to buy quality as well as a certified battery charger for your-hoverboard to avoid such cases or risks involved.

Qualities of a good hoverboard charger

  • Should have a LED-charging.
  • Indicators for more convenient use as well as a short circuit, overload, and over-voltage protection.
  • Green light; to show that the charge is full
  • Red light; to indicate that the charging is in progress
  • Should come with a 1-year warranty as well as 24/7 email support

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How long does it take for a hoverboard to fully-get charged?

Basically, a hoverboards charging point depends on the size of the hoverboard; the bigger the hoverboard, the longer it takes to fully get charged. However, hoverboards averagely take between 2-3 hours to get charged fully and same applies to various brands of hoverboards in the market.

In addition, you are advised to be careful while charging your hoverboard since it is not recommended to charge your hoverboard for long hours. They only need 2 hours charging and almost all the hoverboards’ chargers have the light to show users if their hoverboards are completely charged or not. To know if your hoverboard charger is functioning well, you may consider doing these.

How to check if your hoverboard charger if functioning well or not?

To find out if your hoverboard charger is working or not, you can perform the following tests to confirm; they include;

Step1: Plug in your charger into the wall-socket; after plugging it into the wall, the charger should show a green light.

Step 2: plug your charger into the hoverboard-The light in your charger is expected to change from red to green.

Step 3: If your charger’s light does not change into red lighting or if there is no light at all then it means that the charger is not functioning. therefore, it is recommended that you check if it’s the hoverboard charger or the socket that is not working or getting power.

Step 4: You can use other devices or even your phone’ s charger to confirm if the socket is working properly. if it’s working properly then, it’s confirmation that your hoverboard charger has a problem. You may consider returning it or buying a new one.

Remember; it is recommended to charge hoverboard for about 2-3 hours. To charge your hoverboard; you are required to plug your charger into the socket and then press on/off button to turn it on.

Final Verdict:

It is hard to know if you are buying a genuine or fake hoverboard charger in today’s market, however, it all depends on your retailer. If you purchase your charger from a reliable retailer; you will be more confident about the whole idea since you will have certain protection such as the product warranty and much more. Therefore, purchasing a charger directly or from an authorized-dealer more-so from U.S-based brands, you’ll absolutely get a one year warranty. A good example being Amazon; they have a very forgiving-policy on returns thus always ensure that you’re purchasing directly from the company but not a re-seller.

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