Hoverboard Cover Silicone Waterproof Carrying Bag 2019

If you have hoverboard, then you have to carry this. It got to be heavier because it is made of metal. Then you must be decided to buy a cover for your hoverboard. If you do not want lugging this thing in your arm like a baby I mean it is heavy. You do not realize how heavy and how bulky this thing is. Till you try to carry it to the street. So you must get a cover or bag pack for your self balancing hover board.

Now I am going to write in this article about a hoverboard backpack cover. Then I would go ahead and show you all this review.

ISonee Hoverboard Cover Fire Resistant Charging and Storage Bag Review

This is awesome. I mean this is well made, well constructed and it fit perfectly. I mean it is not loose. Fit to the exact dimensions of your hoverboard and I would recommend it and sure it fit on your back perfect. Get the genuine feelings of serenity from having this fire-resistant capacity and charging pack as an important additional layer of protection against the danger of fire hazard or blast. In the event that you are purchasing a hoverboard standing bike or officially claim one, YOU NEED THIS! Continue reading underneath to discover why you totally require this.

Waterproof Hoverboard Charging Bag Why you really need this?

52 self-balancing hoverboard fires and blasts have happened in the US is simply the most recent couple of months. This is expected generally to the creation and offer of substandard modest items. Shockingly there is no real way to know whether the item you purchased in the past is in danger until the point when it malfunctions!

Notwithstanding the hazard that originates from purchasing a low-quality thing produced using substandard parts and assembling forms, your hoverboard can likewise be at genuine hazard because of maltreatment and abuse of the gadget. Lamentably, numerous individuals who get their new toy have no clue how to treat it legitimately with the goal that it will keep on working in a protected way.

The electric standing hoverboard is not intended to be dealt with like a skateboard where you can take part in high effect exercises. Seriously affecting the board somehow can cause the battery pack to end up harmed, and accordingly perilous and unsafe. Harmed or punctured lithium-particle battery packs can suddenly combust causing quick-spreading fires and extreme real damage. This is the situation with any electronic gadgets that keep running on batteries.

In this way regardless of what sort of hoverboard you have (protected or perilous) acquiring this fireproof stockpiling and charging backpack can be extraordinary compared to other choices and ventures you make in your life.

Have a feeling that you are getting dependent on hurrying?

On the off chance that yes then a decent hoverboard cover pack ought to be one of the must not miss stuff in your shopping list this coming occasion. A decent hoverboard cover enables you to carry your hover board anyplace and furthermore appreciate shooting whenever you need. Looking for a decent hover board pack that provides food for all your individual needs isn’t simple. You need to think about a horde of highlights before settling on one. Movability, toughness, and moderateness are a portion of the basic highlights to put into thought when purchasing a decent hoverboard cover. Additionally, you won’t have any desire to purchase a little pack that does not accommodate your hover board. The measure is likewise a basic factor.

Do you find putting away your hoverboard stressful?

This Waterproof and imperviousness to fire Hoverboard Carry Bag has been given the cutting edge configuration to make your hoverboard stockpiling a breeze. It is made out of very solid and stylish materials that make it essentially an exceptional scooter carry pack. It is useful for carrying hoverboards with 6.5, eight and 10-inch wheels. It is made of Oxford material with water-safe properties. This implies you can even take it out during rainy seasons and does not get splashed. It is likewise a modest carry sack that you can get on a financial plan. You never get worn out conveying this pack as has the greatest weight of 0.45 kg.

Product Features

  • Comes with 2 nylon carrying ties and buckle closure.
  • Pack size will suit up to a 8-inch wheel width. Won’t fit a 10-inch wheel.
  • The Z-Block fireproof material this pack is produced using is of the most noteworthy quality and produced using a similar coating used to make mechanical fire shades and air payload fire control covers.
  • Perfect design fits for most of the models, it’s universal item;
  • Excellent Protection to prevent scratches and bumps
  • It is of good quality and good handmade;
  • Customerized designs & logo are welcome;
  • Various colors and fashion designs are available
  • This hoverboard stockpiling pack has passed all US and universal fireproof testing guidelines including:
  • ASTM D6413 Vertical fire Resistance
  • ASTM E-84 Surface fire Spread and Smoke Density
  • ASTM F955 Molten Metal Splash.
  • FAR 25 Appendix F Part III and IV Flame Penetration Resistance and Smoke Density
  • BSS 7239 Toxicity of Products Combustion

Product Pros and Cons

Now I am going to write about its pros and cons because all of the inventions have some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Will protect your home from burning to the ground
  • Keeps fires contained inside the pack
  • Extremely reasonable
  • Contains smoke to maintain a strategic distance from smoke harm
  • Has all imperviousness to fire testing affirmations
  • Convenient and can run with you anyplace


  • There is no drawback to this pack!
  • You will just profit by it


Is it worth your money?

  • Yes. You can buy this from Amazon $45 to $50.

Is it waterproof?

  • 100%, it is.

Is it really fireproof?

  • Yes, it is.

How many colors it has?

  • 3 colors-black, pink, purple.

My Verdict

If you have a hoverboard then you must try this self balancing hoverboard cover backpack. I personally like it to much. I would highly recommend you to buy this product.

  • November 23, 2018
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