New Hoverboard Laws Coming to USA

The hoverboard market experienced a boom in 2017. And it is expected to be even more lucrative in 2018. These electric scooters thrill both children and adults due to their flashy and entertainment features. However, as the thirst for overboard grows, there is a crop of crooked dealers in the market that consider hoverboard laws to safeguard the consumer.

It is alarming that there have been many cases of fires emanating from hoverboards made using sub-standard material. This guide will be of value to you as it will direct you to the best places from which to shop for hoverboards. Further, it will relay to you important hoverboard laws that will ensure your safety is guaranteed as you enjoy this amazing invention of the 21str century.

New Hoverboard Laws In United States (USA)

In spite of bits of gossip that hoverboards can get flares while charging and the way that it doesn’t really drift, the two-wheel self-adjusting bike (or “hoverboard” or “smaller than expected segway”) was the Christmas endowment of 2015. Notwithstanding, not long after the presents were unwrapped, gossip about the gadget’s lawfulness begun flowing around Twitter.

A picture demonstrating a news report about another mechanized board law, as a major aspect of California’s Get together Bill No. 604, began becoming a web sensation. It is in reality obvious that a hoverboard law was set to produce results in California in January 2016. These hoverboard laws just apply to California and even their nearby authorities could confine or boycott the utilization of hoverboards in broad daylight places. The California Thruway Watch will be one of the organizations authorizing the new law. Officers said the new age limitation ensures the security of the rider. They additionally said they will center around instruction before all else. Officers see a few people might be disappointed, yet request tolerance with the new law.

The new hoverboard law teaches that riders on electric skateboards (or self-adjusting hoverboards) must:

  • be 16 years or older,
  • wear helmets
  • ride on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.

Brief on Hover Board shopping sites

There are hundreds of sites on the internet from where you can shop for hoverboards today. Unfortunately, not all of them are authentic since some sell unauthorized hoverboards that can catch fires exposing you to danger. I will take you through a breakdown of sites I believe will solve all your hoverboard shopping needs based on a criterion that guarantees safety. Convenience and quality.

Although the hoverboard industry is still young and growing, there are various things that you as the consumer expects from a quality site that sells them. First of all, doses the site sell trusted brands of hoverboards? Do they have fire regulation and are they authorized dealers? The second bunch of questions will entail aspects to do with pricing, delivery type. Goods returning policy and the nature of customer service.

Many of the consumer’s concerns are connected; thus it would be safe to say that there are defined hoverboard laws when it comes to setting on a site to purchase one. First, the places I have chosen to highlight are highly rated by hoverboard consumers in the market. Second, they sell the trusted brands such as Swagtron. Jetson. Hover Heart, Mega Wheels and Razor,. Third and most important, all of them sell authorized products thus your safety is guaranteed. There would be some differences in their prices. Mode of delivery and return policy; therefore it will be upon you to choose which suits you best.

Where to buy Hover Boards?

1. Amazon – Best for User Reviews

Amazon boasts of the best hoverboard consumer reviews in the market. They sell a variety of trusted branch such as hoverHeart. MegaWheels and Swagtron with a return policy of 30 days. Your choice of a brand can be guided by reviews that you can find online.


  • Free delivery of the product.
  • A wide array of options from which to choose
  • Detailed user reviews available
  • Excellent customer service


  • “The drop and Go” delivery system may lead to the loss of products.

2. Best Buy – Cheap Hoverboards In Person

Best Buy is known for offering its clients the chance of reviewing products in person even after ordering the online. Although they have limited selection of hoverboards. the site has sterling reviews. Their brand options include hover-1. Swanton and Jetson with a return policy of 15 days.


  • You can review the product online as well as in person.
  • They stock high-quality products.
  • Free shipping on all hoverboards


  • The array of hoverboards is limited
  • Charges 15% of the hoverboard price when you return it within the 15 days.

3. Walmart – The Largest Hoverboard Selection Online

This site is unique for its diverse selection of hoverboards. It has been attracting more users every day thus the company has sought to increase their stock by buying from third-party retailers. The site has a listing of about 6.000 hoverboards currently. They mostly deal in Hover-1. Razor and Swanton models.


  • An amazing 90-days return policy.
  • Free shipping within two days of ordering.
  • A wide range of hoverboards.
  • Many products are in their stores.


  • If the product is sourced from third parties. it cannot be returned.
  • These marketplace sellers attached to Walmart raise a concern for clients.

4. Jet – Best Customer Service & Return Policy

Jet is an affiliate site of Walmart with excellent customer service. Apart from a considerable listing of hoverboards. The site offers support products such as chargers and bags. Their selection of hoverboards includes TOMOLOO. Razor and HoverHeart. All of these have a return policy of 30 days.


  • Regardless of your membership status. You get 20day free shipping.
  • The customer service representatives are always present.
  • A wide selection of products.
  • No fine when you return goods.


  • Few customer reviews.
  • Minimal specification details.

Things to Consider before Buying a Hoverboard

Many of these hoverboard laws are intended to keep you safe and make the user experience more fulfilling. First, ensure the hoverboard you choose has a UL 2272 certification. Such a product has been vetted by concerned authorities and is regarded as being of good quality material and has adhered to all the hoverboard safety standards. According to the consumer products safety commission. Goods without the UL2272 certification should not be sold in the USA. Therefore, be on the right side of the law by choosing a certified electric scooter.

Second, ensure that the hoverboard brand you are about to buy has a certified physical office within the country. Most dealers with physical premises have a customer care department. In this regard, you will be in position to seek for guidance from them in case of any problem.

Third, if you are a first-time buyer, ensure that the product has a comprehensive learner manual. It is important that you understand the right position to assume on a hoverboard and the various actions to take for different circumstances. In this manner, you will avoid accidents. An online manual will also be a great to help you make maximum use of the product.

Fourth, consider the terrain on which you will be using your hoverboard. If you encounter long grassy or uneven suffices, you should go for one that is larger than the regular 6.5-inch wheels. A 10-inch wheel would be appropriate.

Fifth, consider your height and weight before purchasing a hoverboard. The items typically support users of between 20 to 120 kilograms. This requirement implies that many children below 12 should not use hoverboards unless with keen parental supervision.

The hoverboard also need to be light. This quality will make it easy for you to carry it comfortably in places where you cannot use it. Ideally. it should be between 10 to 12 kilograms.

In summary, hoverboarding is a delicate exercise that requires stringent safety measures. Safety starts by getting the right places to buy the product and knowing important tips of the products that suit you. All in all look for quality hoverboard from an authorized dealer after confirming that its features are appropriate for your weight. Height, and hoverboard terrain.

New Hoverboard Laws in the other US States

The law on electronic vehicles in California additionally opens the entryway for different urban communities to pass their own laws directing the utilization of hoverboards. That implies you’ll need to check nearby laws on hoverboards before to ensure you’re not overstepping the law. Police in Los Angeles have said that hoverboards won’t be permitted on open walkways there and numerous private property proprietors have restricted hoverboards over obligation concerns, so the new hoverboard law doesn’t give riders free rule by any measure.

Furthermore, in spite of the fact that California has turned into the primary state to authoritatively characterize, control and allow hoverboards, hoverboards are as yet illicit in many parts of the nation. Different states and regions have utilized prior laws to decide if hoverboards are permitted. In New York City, for instance, open authorities have esteemed hoverboards unlawful under New York State Movement Law 114-d. The code directs the utilization of electronic “individual help” gadgets out in the open spaces.

A representative for the New York City Bureau of Transportation has clarified that the law’s meaning of “electronic individual help versatility gadget” was sufficiently wide to incorporate hoverboards and that they would be directed in that capacity. In NYC, in light of the fact that the populace is in excess of one million individuals, electronic individual help gadget riders must be authorized, and the gadgets must be enlisted with the New York State Division of Engine Vehicles. This new boycott isn’t the first, however. Significant carriers, retailers, the US Postal Administration, and NFL groups have all prohibited or limited the utilization, ownership, or dissemination of the two-wheeled self-adjusting bikes. In any case, the MTA’s boycott is one of the greatest, alongside the mass appropriation that occurred in the UK. So as the hoverboard laws change from state to state, and business to business, you should peruse up on your neighborhood laws to see whether riding the gadget out in the open is illicit. Furthermore, some close to home responsibility and duty needs to become an integral factor when riding your self-adjusting bike. Be a decent individual and don’t imperil other individuals’ wellbeing while as yet making the most of your small scale segway.

  • October 16, 2018
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