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The short history that hoverboards have managed to establish in the recent years reveals the challenges of the product in the market. During their introduction, cases of hoverboards literally burning down to the ground (and in some cases, they burned down with the house in which they were parked) leading to cutting down of its official supply in 2016. This has raised the issue of the safety of these products after these incidents. The new hoverboards shipped from USA will quell these concerns because this guide will show you where you should buy these products to ensure you obtain the best quality. This guide will be comprehensive in its endeavor to inform you about the product details as well as any other information that may be of interest. The objective is to direct you to access the best hoverboard products to prevent potential incidents that may result from poor quality.

what stores sell hoverboards

Hoverboards shipped from USA can be obtained from Amazon which is an e-commerce as well as a cloud computing company operating out of Seattle, Washington. The company provides shipping services around the world for products displayed on their website. The company offers numerous products and among them are these hoverboards shipped from USA

An example of such a product is the PTX USA Sharper image hoverboard. An advantage of acquiring these hoverboards from this company is that they are all UL certified whose purpose is to ensure that the new hoverboard products are much safer than their earlier versions. If you purchase a product from other sources, chances are high that you may acquire one that is not UL certified and this may be a dangerous decision for you and your family. Aside from the safety issues, buying these hoverboards shipped from the USA means you can access them from anywhere in the world at your convenience. 

At the Amazon Company, the products are counterchecked to ensure the safety of the products throughout the transportation period preventing any potential for damage. Furthermore, a warranty is provided for the products you purchase from them safeguarding you, the customer, from financial loss.

Product Details

The hoverboards from the USA offer safety above all else. One of their features is the learning mode which provides the users with lower top speeds and slower turns. The benefit of this feature is to cater to the needs of the conservative users who do not wish to use the top speed features of the hoverboard. These hoverboards from the USA also employ eco-friendly designs which entail the use of a rechargeable electric source of power. An advantage of this is that the user can enjoy the services of this product without affecting the environment.

Furthermore, the need for fuel is eliminated making this product extremely cost and energy efficient. The hoverboards also provide intuitive controls as one of its unique features which allow for much more effective control of the vehicle. For instance, it has the option for shifting the user’s body forward, back, left, right and even spin 360 degrees. All these functionalities provide a unique experience but also contributes to the safety of riding the hoverboard. For instance, the self-balancing allows for the vehicle to move much more efficiently reducing the potential for accidents. Furthermore, the gyroscope in-built into the machine ensures that you stand upright at all times mitigating the risk of back pains from prolonged use.

Additional Information

  • The battery life of the hoverboards between the charges is between four and five hours when continually used. This means that when idle, the vehicle can store more hours of power.
  • The device is not Bluetooth enabled.
  • While there is no age limit, the vehicle has a weight limit of 220 lbs. A rider of any age, therefore, can use these hoverboards from the USA.
  • The vehicle operates on both smooth and rough ground surfaces. However, on grass and loose gravel, it may be difficult since these particles can get stuck up the axle owing to the small wheels and its bulky stature.


The hoverboards from the USA are unique products in the market not only because of the high quality they offer but also because of the safety protocols it has in place. They employ smart technology that renders it easy to monitor the vehicle in case of any dangers. Its eco-friendly nature makes it also a vehicle that will become the center of focus soon. You should, however, avoid using it on irregular terrain because its lack of handlebars may compromise its stability. A final word of caution regards acquiring hoverboards from untrusted sources. This may have negative repercussions on your end.

  • September 5, 2018
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