Hoverboard vs Electric Scooter || Which one is Better for You

You will all agree that today the use of electric scooters and hoverboards have doubled at lightning speed. Many people are going for these devices every single day and chances are that many more will still go for them.

But there is one problem; deciding on whether to go for an electric scooter or a hoverboard has become the elephant in the room. Like many other buyers before you, you could get easily confused on the difference and equally the merits.

The truth is there are no major differences between a hoverboard vs electric scooter. Even so, they both have enough capabilities to help you get around easily. The differences that they may have are next on our post!

Hoverboard vs. Electric Scooter: The Differences


Hoverboards are also known as “self balancing scooters” and are two-wheeled devices that are quite fun to move around on. Hoverboards are not quite as common as the electric scooters and few companies are making them yet.

Riding one of these devices makes it look like you are hovering over the ground. That’s how they got their name of “hoverboards.”

Electric Scooter

An Electric Scooter on the other side has two wheels sitting on a straight line with each other. The wheels are super ideal for the ground and are more specifically used for outdoor purposes too.

Electric Scooter is easier to balance and will work smoothly for anyone who needs to learn it fast!

Here are some of the major differences that a hoverboard and an electric scooter will come with!


  • The device has inbuilt sensors that one has to use to set the device in motion. The sensors are installed in such a way that, when you intend to change direction, you’d only have to slightly change the direction of your weight, by moving your weight from one side to the other.
  • Electric scooter on the other side is simply designed on a skate like board. You will use your body, leg, and handlebars to change direction manually. They don’t have any sensors to go with.


  • Electric scooters have elongated handlebars. The handlebars are used to steer the scooter from one direction to the next. A smooth and gradual tilt of the handle will give you a cool turn.
  • Hoverboards on the other hand have no handlebars and rely on you to step on them with both feet before you can use the sensors to navigate.


  • Hoverboards, you only use your feet and legs to control the device.
  • Electric scooters, you will use both your hands and also your legs and feet to have the device under full control.

Easy to Store

  • The hoverboards come in compact designs that are easy to store. It can easily fit beneath your office desk and no one will even notice it lying there.
  • Electric Scooters on the contrary have longer handle bars. They also have a larger construction and need a larger space to store as compared to hoverboards.

Speed Limit

  • An electric scooter has higher speeds. They move faster than twin wheel scooters which can hit speeds of up to 20 KPH. No wonder some electric scooter manufacturers claim their devices can hit maximum speeds of up to 40 KPH.
  • This is far higher than that of a hoverboard that will go for lower speeds. The reason being you only use your legs and feet to control hoverboards.


  • However, the performance of a hoverboard is lower than that of an electric scooter. Normally.
  • Scooter can be easily ridden through bumpy spots and more specifically outdoor, the self-balancing scooter’s use is often restricted to the indoor or more specifically on smooth areas always.


  • Hoverboards are far much costly than electric scooters. Indeed there are some accessories that will go for over a thousand dollars.
  • This is a huge difference to the electric scooter whose accessories are only hundreds of dollars.

Hoverboard vs. Electric Scooter: The Similarities

It is no surprise that these two devices also have a number of similarities to go with. Here are some of the similarities that these two devices have and which you will be happy to keep in mind.

Similar Functionality

Both the Hoverboard vs. Electric Scooter function in the same way. They use the same mechanism to perform usually the battery power to get you around your destinations. None uses manual power.

Similar Engines

The engine used on a board and that one used on an electric scooter are both similar. And if there is any difference then it must be very slight. Nonetheless, the functionality will depend solely on the power of the engine that your device uses.

One Person

There is no space for two or more people on both boards. On the contrary every device, be it an electric scooter or the hoverboard can only ferry one individual at a time. This makes the load limited to only one person.

Similar Names

We are talking about scooters here; a self-balancing scooter and an electric scooter. The two have the same names that allow them to enjoy the best identification from all users and admirers across the board.


There isn’t much to say. You have read through and noted the main differences between the electric scooter and also the self-balancing scooter. This is more important for newbies if you want to choose one of these devices and still doesn’t know where to invest your money.

Nonetheless, it is really important that you start small. This will help you to grow with time and also to get some of the best user experience on your device of choice. If you are getting your first ride, hope this helps. Good luck!

  • August 28, 2018
Alan Stevens

Alan is an undergraduate student at Middlebury College in Vermont, where he studies International and Global Studies with a focus on African Studies. He is very passionate about electric two wheeler. Alan and his 4 friends stared this blog for sharing their knowledge about electric scooter, bike and hoverboard.

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