How fast do hoverboards go? What’s the Hoverboard’s Top Speed?

Hoverboards always give the riders awesome feelings when they ride this excellent vehicle. This tow wheeler is a fun thing for the riders.

Hoverboards are not high speed vehicles. It’s made for casual riding and having fun. But the question is how fast do hoverboards go? Don’t worry, I’ll explain all about hoverboard top speed with some example products for your better understanding.

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How Fast Do Hoverboards Go?

Normally the self-balancing scooters or hoverboards vary from 5 mph to 15 mph. It sounds not a great speed, but more the 10 mph is extremely fast because you will be above the ground without holding and handlebar.

Kids who have age under 18 need to use slower hoverboard for their safety. A speedy self-balancing scooter is harmful and risky for their ride. The hoverboards who have the best reviews are typically between 6 mph to 8mph and most of the riders prefer this speed range. If you are looking for thrill and adventure, then the hoverboards under 6 mph speed will seem too slow for you.

There are four factors which are responsible for the speed of a hoverboard. These four factors are sensors, electric motors, motherboards, and gyroscopes. If you are searching for a top speed scooter, you need to brake when it is needed. Don’t compromise the safety for the speed.

We discussed earlier in the post that different models from different brands give you different speed. High speed will come from a high-quality hoverboard and that’s impossible to get from the low quality and cheap hoverboards. You may have a passion for speed. So we are strongly recommending you not to purchase any low-quality cheap hoverboards. These low-quality scooters always fail to give the riders good speed.

The Fastest Hoverboards

Swanton T6

We have researched a lot and finally identified that Swanton T6 is the fastest hoverboard ever. This self-balancing scooter is offering 12 mph speed with the help of 350-watt dual motors. It will cost you between $450-$499.This hoverboard is not safe for the children because it’s quite faster for them. When you are using T6, you need to wear pads and helmets for your safety.

This is an off-road hoverboard and became the best hoverboard in 2018. This is the only hoverboard on the planet to successfully manage more than 377 lbs. That means any rider from any size and any shape can use this hoverboard for riding.

It’s the perfect hoverboard for all terrain. You can go through rain, gravel, grass or even mud. The motor stabilization system is upgraded here. The climbing capability is exactly 30°. Dual foot guard is here to protect the riders. This self-balancing hoverboard uses Bluetooth and so the riders can play music from their phones. It takes nearly three hours to charge the hoverboard.

GEO TRAX Hoverfly Eco hoverboard

The second fastest hoverboard is GOTRAX Hoverfly Eco hoverboard. When you are riding on this hoverboard, it gives you feeling that you are floating in zero gravity. The price is under $200.The speed it is offering is 7.4mph by using two 250 watt motors. Most of the riders enjoy this hoverboard speed. They mentioned that it is the perfect speed for the riding. You can get this hoverboard between $169 to $179.

This hoverboard offers thrilling speed for the riders. It charges well and the battery and the charging system is electrically certified. It takes nearly 90 minutes to charge the scooter. Both the cords and the chargers are of high quality. For the safety, you will get protective bumpers and non-slip foot pads.15 degree is the highest climbing limit here.

It will be a perfect birthday present for the teens.

Hoverfly XL Off-Road Hoverboard

We are also discussing Hoverfly XL Off-Road Hoverboard which is offering 7.4 mph maximum speed. It has two 350 watt motors which are offering the same power as the T6. Your benefit is you will get this hoverboard at only$200 which is half of the T6.

It is offering seven excellent colors. This hoverboard will reduce your worry and increase your fun and will make you a great motorized scooter master. It charges well and the battery and the charging system is electrically certified. It takes nearly 60  minutes to charge the scooter.

This  Hoverfly XL Off-Road Hoverboard is really easy to use and so it is really friendly for the new users. It’s quite safe. The riders will enjoy the ride with the loud Bluetooth speakers. The climbing capability is 30 degree. This hoverboard is made from high-quality design. The food pads are made from thick rubber materials and offering nice grip for the riders. The chassis is really tough and solid. This  Hoverfly XL Off-Road Hoverboard has excellent and powerful torque. The hoverboard can manage up to 220 lbs.

This hoverboard performs wonderfully on a flat surface. It gives the riders a steady and relaxed ride. You don’t need to worry about the speed. It is also perfect for the off-road and doesn’t make the riders disappointed. This device performs well on flat grass.No matter what the type of the ground is, it can do well on the uneven and bumpy ground.

If you are a new rider, you will identify a training mode here. This mode will reduce the speed in your learning period. But if you are experienced user, you will get standard mode here. This mood will eliminate the speed limits.

It will perform for the night rides as well because you will see the option of led lights.

material. And don’t try to buy cheap hoverboards because they will give you less speed.

These led lights are very powerful for the night ride. Remember, quality products always enhance your using experience.

Final Verdict

So we have discussed the top three fastest hoverboards. The maximum speed for the hoverboard is 12 mph. Although most of the riders preferred 7.4 mph speed which is considered safe to ride. You may have a huge passion for the speed, so make sure that you are wearing the safety equipment before starting the ride. Don’t compromise your safety more than the speed. Choose a hoverboard which has high-quality acceleration available. Make sure that the hoverboard is easy to use and made from quality

  • December 2, 2018
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