How Much is a Hoverboard? 2019 Prices

The hoverboard is a popular public transport. It is one of the biggest technology crazes in our digital era of social media. Celebrities like hoverboard and they post different photos and videos of hoverboards. Shane Chen is the businessman who first invented the hoverboard. Although lots of the companies have copied his formula. That’s a horrible thing. So he filed a patent.

The hoverboard is an electric device and has two wheels. This device gives the riders unique thrill and adventure when they ride on it.   It is really hard to say that how much a hoverboard will cost. And before buying this device, you need to think about the features and specs of the hoverboard. It is because if you choose a cheap hoverboard, in most of the cases, it will give you poor service. So don’t ever compromise with the price. The more the price, the better will be the quality. Hoverboards are fun things for the riders. If you have a passion for speed, you must know about hoverboard. The highest speed of a hoverboard is nearly 12 mph.

Some hoverboards start from $169.Actually, there are lots of brands who are the manufacturer of hoverboards and that’s why the price varies. Swanton T1 hoverboard takes nearly $350. Razor Hovertrax costs exactly $398.

But there are some expensive hoverboard models which take more than $10,000 each. One of them is Hendo Hoverboard. It is not available on the market until now. But will arrive soon. This Hendo hoverboard is a real working hoverboard.

Another hoverboard is made by Hoverboard technologies. It cost around $3,777 each. It’s quite expensive as well.

Most popular hoverboards are from IO Hawk. They cost nearly $500 each.

Why hoverboard? They are ideal for the persons who don’t want to walk from their home for going to their office. This is the better option for them.

You need to know that hoverboards are not safe for the kids. The price varies between models and brands. You need to think about the safety. So always try to wear helmets.

Are you thinking to purchase a hoverboard online? Before ordering, you need to research a lot. Think which brand or model you want. After finalizing the model or brand, study about that. Identify the positive and negative things. See the features, speed, the charging system, battery life and the other important things. Then think about the price. Each brand of hoverboard is offering different features.

Why are hoverboards expensive?

This is a simple and logical question. The hoverboards are expensive because they have powerful motors, the batteries have a large capacity, They use the technology which is safe for the users. So these are the main reasons why hoverboards are expensive a bit. Hoverboards also have Bluetooth speakers and led lights. They are water resistant and that is another cause of their expensiveness.

Before purchasing a hoverboard, check all the features and specs. Do you really want all these features? Think about your demand. If you don’t need high speed, then it’s useless to buy and use a hoverboard which is faster than the others. Think about the battery system and the other things. If you don’t need all the powerful specs, then choose a simple hoverboard which can fulfill your expectations. But don’t buy any cheap hoverboard because they will give you just a cheap service.

A lower priced hoverboard will not perform with a powerful motor. If you spend more money, then you will get more powerful motor and battery. We are pointing out a list of hoverboard prices.

Within $100 to $200:

This price range will give you the basic hoverboard. These low priced hoverboards are good for the new riders. Also, the experienced riders can use too. But it’s difficult for the experienced riders to be excited about this type of hoverboards. If you are a new rider, you will not get a lot of power. But if you are not looking for high speed, then you can take this range. The fact is that you have to sacrifice several things. These are longer battery charging times, higher speed and longer range.

Within $200 to $500:

In this price range, you will get more features compared with the basic hoverboards. You now have good speed, longer battery life, and longer range. The riders who take this range will be able to use more apps, Bluetooth speakers, and off-road advantages. The quality will be better and your hoverboard will be durable and sturdy. If you have a passion for speed, this range is for you. You will be quite happy and satisfied with this price range. As you have more features, definitely it will increase more happiness for your ride.

More than $500:

This price range is only applicable for the riders who are a bit experienced. The features include all the positive things and specs. You will get the top speed, the battery life will be highest and the hoverboard will be durable and stable than ever.

Used Hoverboard or a new one?

This is a good question. It’s really logical. As they are a bit expensive, you may think to choose the used model. It’s better because it will help you to save a lot of money. But there are some drawbacks. As the hoverboard is used, so the battery has been used heavily. That is not good for your ride. The motor may have lost some power. If you purchase a used hoverboard, it’s risky. It’s like gambling. Think about your demand.. If you are getting all the features that you need, please don’t negotiate the price. Accept it. A cheap hoverboard doesn’t mean that it will give a better service.

The quality of the hoverboard determines the price. If you are trying to have the quality hoverboard, then don’t think about the price. It’s because you need to spend a good amount of money. The quality will increase the durability of the machine. The high priced hoverboards will deliver unbeatable performance and the quality will be the best. These will be very easy to manage and maintain.

  • March 4, 2019
Alan Stevens

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