How to Ride a Kick Scooter? 10 Awesome and Easy Tips

Riding a motorcycle isn’t easy. It can be quite dangerous if you don’t pay attention to the proper way of doing it. But so can a kick scooter. When not done properly, you could easily ram into an object, another road user, and possibly sustain fatal injuries.

Learning how to ride a kick scooter is therefore very important. It forms your basic training and must be done in the right way if you intend to survive the harsh realities of the streets. It is a super cool activity with mind-blowing results from every angle.

Here are some of the best need to know tips that will leave you with every enjoyment that you need and the adrenaline flowing through your body. Read along!


Basic Preparation: Have the Safety Gears

There are a number of safety gears to have in place first before riding your scooter. They include the following.


The Helmet will do a great job in shielding your head and protecting you from any form of head injuries in case of an accident or if you fall down. Get a helmet with that’s has a clear vision and which allows you to see from every angle.


Gloves are important in protecting your fingers from bruises when the worst comes to the worst. The half finger gloves are most recommended as they leave your fingers exposed for a better grip on the best scooter brands.


Knee and elbow caps are also very fundamental. Because you need to maintain your balance on a scooter as you learn, you might often fall. Knees and elbow caps will keep you safe from any forms of injuries.


There are special scooters riding boots. They are boots which are equipped with the best Anti-Slip technology. Go for the perfect fit boots and make sure that they are comfy and keep your balance.

Riding Gear

The best riding gear for a kick scooter is tight but light attires. Many people prefer the use of leather pants. Just make sure that your attire is breathable and possibly all-weather proof always.


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Kick Scooter Safety Gears

How to Ride a Kick Scooter: The Guide

Once you have the best riding gears in place it will be time to hit the road and learn how to ride a kick scooter. One thing that you must know is this; it’s no-brainer. However, you must remain committed and possibly be patient. Here is the step by step guide.


Make sure you get a safe place to ride your scooter. An area with enough space, low or no traffic, no moving vehicles such as parks will be the best areas to learn your kick scooter.


Get someone to help! If you have a buddy who is already into the sport you can ask them to help you out. If not, you should just remain attentive and follow this guideline to the best.


Set your scooter out. Put your hands on the scooter’s handlebars and make sure you have a good grip. Place one foot firmly on the ground. Set the remaining foot on the center of the deck. Set your scooter in motion – but don’t move fast.


Ignite movement. Use the foot on the ground to start the movement. The kick from this foot should be enough to drive you forward. Make your kicks shorter and quicker. Avoid long and powerful kicks as you are just learning.


Maintain your body’s balance. This helps to maintain the scooter’s balance and also keep it on the road. As you get the grip on the road, you can try keeping both legs/ feet on the scooter’s deck.


With both legs on the deck, drive your scooter. Short distance drive will be good. You can always set the two legs on the scooter’s deck when you are confident.


Take a slight press to slow your scooter down. However, when you take a long press it will bring you to a complete stop in a few seconds.  Remember to have your foot on the break anytime you are going down a steep hill.


To take a turn, turn your handlebar gradually. Don’t take a drastic and instant turn. If you jerk too fast you could easily lose your balance.


Keep on practicing. The more you practice the smoother your ride. The smoother your ride the better you become.


Ask your trainer to gauge you and give you a go-ahead to ride on longer duration when they feel you are ready.

Top 6 Scooter Riding Tips: The Newbie’s Tips

Here are the scooters riding tips simplified for every newbie to learn. They are easy and will give you a fast thrill.

  • Make sure you wear the right riding gears.
  • Hit the road on less busy areas (make sure the area is flat and paved)
  • Learn how to break smoothly whenever you choose to.
  • Take a gradual rotation of the handlebar for a smooth turn.
  • Keep alert whenever you are riding your best kick scooter.
  • Be patient and practice and practice more to become perfect.

Keeping Your Kick Scooter Safe

In order to have the best thrill, you need to keep your best kick scooter in a great shape. The best way to do this is to do the following:-

  • Ride your scooter in a safe area
  • Make sure the place is flat and free of bumps.
  • Service every movable area of your scooter.
  • Keep your scooter safe when done.
  • Clean your scooter when it gets dirty.


If you want to learn how to ride a kick scooter, it is very important that you follow all the basic tips closely. The best tips that you can always work with will include what we have given you here today. Make sure you follow and that you practice always in order to perfect your skills from time to time.

You can also get a riding group so that the whole job becomes a fun-filled event!

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