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Imoto hoverboard is a brand new hoverboard. You can say that this is a new and improved addition to the hoverboard. In the case of many hoverboard manufacturers have seen that, these are not safe to run, if they are too hot, and then there is a fire and other difficulties also. So they have marketed a new version of the hoverboard. Which is a much safer and faster-speed hoverboard. For most hoverboard, it is possible that there are two or more color hoverboards of the same model. However, Lamborghini hoverboard has the highest of 19 colors hoverboard from one model. And this model of the Imoto hoverboard has more than 50 colors of hoverboards. Among the few significant features of this, the main is the self-Balancing, UL 2272 safety tested. Another aspect of this is that it can be used for personal movement. In the case, this is not being seen for other hoverboards. Because of many such reasons, this hoverboard has a lot of popularity and it is one of the most demanding boards in the market. If you want to know the details of it, you should read this article.

Why is the Imoto hoverboard the best hoverboard on the market?

Speed: If you know it, you will be astonished that the speed of the hoverboard is 12 km/hr to 17 km/hr. From my personal experience I have seen, the speed of the other hoverboard starts from 8 km/hr and the maximum speed is 12-15 km/hr. But the speed of this hoverboard is 12 km to 17 km. If you want, you can stop the vehicle’s movement after buying it. Because, if you can run 17 km/hr, you do not need the vehicle.

Safety and Balance: This hoverboard is much more reputable for self-balancing. First, the radius of its wheels is more and its surface is made in the extraordinary design. So it can maintain the body balance during the fastest phase. There will be no problem when running small kids. Moreover it is tested by UL 2272. When the battery gets too hot, it will not explode. And there are Ultra Modern Technologies for its speed prevention. If you need to stop suddenly, you can suddenly break.

Can be run comfortably: It can be run very smoothly on any kinds of street. Its two wheels are operated by 250-watts dual motors. The structure of the wheel is done in such a way that it will not slip on wet street or footpath. Moreover, it has another power; it can rise to 30-degree angles of height.

Carrying ability: Its portability is quite good. It can carry a maximum weight of 100 kg. It is believed that everyone from child to adult can run it. And carrying 100 kg, it can travel across 17 kilometers per hour. That means, its motor and battery both are very strong.

Product Feature & Specifications:

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  • Motor: This hoverboard is operated by two powerful 250 watts of motors. Because of its stable and strong gear can get down safely from a low level. At this time the speed of the motor is controlled by the gear.
  • Battery: Its Sentry Shield battery is much more powerful. By once fully charged, it can last up to 7-12 miles. That’s enough for a general hoverboard. There is a light between two feet that indicates the battery charge. It’s called battery indicator.
  • Safety: It is one of the best and safe hoverboards among the UL 2272 tested. It can keep body balance safely at the moment of high speed. And in any case, it can be stopped.
  • Speed: Normal hoverboard can run 8-12 km/hr. But this hoverboard can run 12 to 17 kilometers per hour. Which is undoubtedly a best hoverboard.
  • Other Accessories: It has an attractive LED light that will help to run in the night. And will make the hoverboard more attractive. Its bumper is made of rubber. As a result, it is comfortable to keep feet on it.


  • Children can safely run as it is a self-balancing hoverboard.
  • Fastest hoverboard ever.
  • Battery range is more than 12 km.
  • Can be up to 30-degrees of the high place.
  • Due to strong gears, can get down from lower level.


  • Comparative less powerful motor.
  • This hoverboard does not have Bluetooth.


Can my ten-year-old child run it?

Yes! Even the minimum 8-year-old child can run it.

If I charge all night, will there be any problem with the battery?

  • No problem, but after full charging, it is better not to charge.

How many volts of this charger?

  • It is a 220-volt and two pin-rich chargers.

Is there a speaker with it?

  • No! There is no Bluetooth and speaker with it.

Is it the remote control system?

  • No!

Some important tips that may be useful to you at various times:

  • Check the battery charge before running the hoverboard.
  • Sometimes there may be problems with the LED lights, so take a look before running it.
  • Do not try to rise above 30-degrees; there is a possibility of a motor being wasted if it gets more.
  • If the hoverboard is too hot, it will be good if it cools off for a while. Although there is no possibility of exploding.


Those who have never used the hoverboard can run this hoverboard. Because of its all quality meet with the UL 2272, they have declared the highest security for it. So there is no disadvantage for you or your kids. You can use it to feel secure. So buy it without any more delay. If you want, you can present it to your baby’s next birthday. There are lots of colors that you or your child would love surely. Because, we discussed in detail all other topics including its security in Imoto hoverboard reviews. Hopefully, you can successfully buy a hoverboard and run it safely. Best wishes.

  • September 11, 2018
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