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It’s no secret that the hoverboard is the easiest way to enjoy your small city. You can have fun, play a game and travel with this hoverboard. You can participate the competition with this hoverboard. Now your question is what is the best and affordable price hoverboard? To answer all of your questions, we have found a hoverboard that will answer all of your questions. You will have to buy a hoverboard, which can be done together with all the above-mentioned tasks. But there are many models of hoverboard in the market. Which of these hoverboards is perfect? Io hawk hoverboard reviews we have tried to mention all of these topics. Stay with us to know these are.

IO Hawk is the best hoverboard:

Now you’re going to get acquainted with a different type of hoverboard. This Io hawk hoverboard has been most popular through the social media. If you know, you will be surprised that the world’s largest celebrities also use this hoverboard. And they are pleased to use it and encourage their fans to use it. One of them is popular pop singer Justin Bibber. Many, including Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx, posted on these hoverboards at their verified Twitter profile. Then you can understand how popular this hoverboard is! We have the habit; we like to follow all of the celebrities whose we love. After all, what kind of pants they are wearing, they wear a T-shirt we follow it. So let’s see we use them using the hoverboard. We hope we will be pleased to use this hoverboard.

How Does It Work?

I’m sure you’ve heard Swagtron brand name. When you run Swagtron hoverboard, follow the rules, In this case, you can follow the same rules. Take in your hand the Hoverboard first. Check the two-wheel with two hands and Turn around. Put on the ground then. Put your two feet on the footboard of hoverboards. This hoverboard foot pad has been made with rubber. When you will keep your legs will be set with this footpad. Now you just press on the power button and start running independently. You can run as you wish. You can move forward and move backwards. Start running at a fast speed; it will not be a problem because of the speed of running the self-balancing hoverboard. Can be able to break up suddenly while moving at a faster speed, not likely to go anymore. Let’s introduce you to the product.

Flash Wheel 6.5″ Wireless Speaker with LED Light

The main feature of this hoverboard is that it has 7 unique colors. People choice the same model product in different colors. This is the same thing for you when you go to buy something in the market, find different colors. Choosing this hoverboard will be a great benefit for you. Now you will be surprised at what you say, sure. The price of the product is $ 189, but you can buy 50 dollars less if you use the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card. Along with 50 dollar cash back. This hoverboard has been created with a fireproof plastic. The lid on its wheel is made of sophisticated technology. For any reason if the battery gets hot and the hoverboard explodes, then the body of this hoverboard will not fire. This hoverboard has become more popular by its electric feature Two LED lights are fitted under two feet, which can be used on the night with the help of light. And this hoverboard has two fitted lights on the wheel, which adds to the beauty of the hoverboard.

Let’s talk about the power of the hoverboard. This hoverboard can run 10 miles per hour. Its battery has 36 volts or 4 amp power. Which can run the hoverboard for two hours. And it can run at maximum speed. So, you can easily go through many ways. There is an Auto Bluetooth Speaker with which you can listen to music and play whistle if necessary.

Features and Specifications

  • Self-balancing: Yes!
  • Bluetooth: Yes!
  • Motor: Dual motor
  • Speed: 10 mph+
  • Battery range: 10 mph+
  • Battery time: 2 hours
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Safety: UL 2272 certified​

Offer and Shipping:

You will get 6 months warranty from Amazon for this product, and the biggest offer is that you will get 50 dollar cash back if you buy it and its full shipping is free.


  • 50 dollar cash back benefit.
  • Being a self-balancing hoverboard, children and adults can run both. The American security agency has ensured security for this Hoverboard.
  • Anti-fire Catching
  • This hoverboard has been made with powerful batteries.
  • LED light can be used in the darkness of the night.


  • This hoverboard cannot be run in the rain or wet streets.
  • There are no apps to connect mobile, so the speed or location cannot be seen.


How old children can start running it?

  • Even 10-year-old kids can run it.

How much weight can be able to carry?

  • Can carry more than 220 pounds.

Can this hoverboard be connected to the app?

  • No!

Is this hoverboard having any possibility to fire?

  • No!

What if the hoverboard is too hot and it is likely to be exploded?

  • Firstly the hoverboard is unlikely to explode; however, you may stop it for some time for under-life protection.

Which is the best company to buy this hoverboard?

  • Obviously Amazon.

Final Word

It can talk a lot about Io hawk hoverboard. Because of this hoverboards popularity is so much more. This hoverboard is probably the first hoverboard that our editor chooses more. And he has expressed much excitement with this hoverboard. So in our opinion, you buy this hoverboard very quickly. Because, the cash back offer may not be long. I believe the io hawk hoverboard reviews have come to your advantage. If necessary you can read more reviews of io hawk hoverboard, this will be a good idea on the hoverboard.

  • October 5, 2018
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