Jetson Hoverboard Reviews

Do you want to attract everyone in your college? Or would you like to introduce some different entertainment to your colony? Then you can choose the hoverboard. Everyone should try this hoverboard and it’s a pleasing experience. So why don’t you try? This hoverboard is a device that can be entertaining as well as the entertainment of your friends or neighbors. Its design is very nice and it’s very strong that will attract your friends. What could be the hoverboard? To find out, you should read this full jetson hoverboard reviews.

Jetson is one of the best new hoverboards in the market for the last few years. According to many users, this hoverboard is so speedy that many describe it as a monster motion.

Why do you choose jetson hoverboard?

The speedster: Jetson hoverboard is known to everyone by this name. Most of the jetson hoverboards have an 8-inch wide wheel and each hoverboard is Bluetooth rich. Jetson’s most popular feature is its battery is the most powerful. This hoverboard can run around 13 miles per hour with the latest Samsung brand battery.

User-Friendly: One of the best features of this hoverboard is the self-balancing hoverboard. It is designed in such a way that the children can also use it. Self-balancing refers mainly to that it can balance the user’s body at different speeds. There is no problem to rotate around the street.

Battery: It is powered by Samsung powerful battery. We all know that Samsung is the mobile company. And all parts of Samsung’s are the best quality. So this hoverboard’s battery takes a little time for charging. And once charged can be run for a long time. And the battery is hot, but there is no problem. There is a possibility of a fire due to become hot of many hoverboard batteries. There is no reason to fear this jetson hoverboard.

Now you can ask the question of what is the hoverboard of this feature. So to fix your problem, we’ve set a product that you’ll find in these jetson hoverboard reviews.

Jetson V8 All Terrain Black Electric Hoverboard

I can say for sure that if you know about this hoverboard you will be interested in buying and using it. The first thing I was talking about, if you want to attract everyone in your colonies or college campus, the hoverboard is made for you. In one word, you can find very few hoverboards to run off-road. This Bluetooth-rich hoverboard can run more than 12 miles per hour. And its battery range is 10 miles. That means once it is fully charged, it can run 10 miles. And it takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. The 4-inch wheel hoverboard has LED lights. So you can run at night. If you are connected to Bluetooth, you can listen to music by connecting to the mobile. Which can also entertain other people on the road.

Features and Specifications:

Wheel: Made with two large wheels in an 8.5 inch. As a result, it can run faster, these two wheels are made with rubbers.

Motor: It has the dual motor with 400 watts. From my personal experience, at the very least Hoverboard of such a powerful motor rarely seen. Which will ensure you more speed.

Battery: It’s made with Samsung’s powerful battery. Once charging, you can run 10 miles in one hour and it takes 2-3 hours to charge.

Speed: This hoverboard can run at a speed of 8 to 12 miles per hour.

Self-balancing: It also protects body balance at any speed. There will be a lot of benefits for new users to run.

Led Light: With LED lights, you can run at night. And the design of the LED light in such a way that the road is clearly visible.

Bluetooth: Music will be heard by connecting Bluetooth to mobile.

Apps: Mobile apps with Android or iPhone will be able to see its speed. The map will show the location.

Safety: It is tasted by UL 2272. There is no risk to using this hoverboard.


  • It can run in the rain, do not slip the tire and will not burst.
  • You can share your feelings of using hoverboard through social media apps.
  • Fast speed hoverboard.
  • Powerful battery.
  • The fast charge can be done.
  • Mobile apps can be connected.
  • With the help of led lights, you can move around at night.
  • The song will be heard anytime with the help of a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Can carry 300 pounds of weight.


  • There is no bag for carrying it.
  • Some users have a complaint that it is not returned.

hoverboard Using Tips

Before using, it is important to note some things. When you will go to the street for running hoverboard, be aware that, whether there is fully charged in the battery? You might be at risk when suddenly the charge ends on the road. So take this issue very well while using in the outdoors. Once again, take a look at the wheel of the hoverboard, when you play it outdoors. Check if the structure of the wheels is okay. If you keep an eye on these issues then your hoverboard will be successful.


What is UL 2271?

  • UL 2271 is Global safety science organization, which ensures safety for any electric product.

Is this hoverboard safe?

  • Yes, completely safe.

Does this hoverboard create any sound?

  • No, it does not make any sound and because of this children love it a lot.

Is it waterproof?

  • Yes! This hoverboard is waterproof.

Can the children balance the body?

  • Yes! it will.

Last word

After reading these jetson hoverboard reviews, you must be sure that the quality of this hoverboard is accurate. It’s easy to use, lightweight, more powerful, and a not expensive hoverboard. Which is the best hoverboard for you and your child. If I was told that how many numbers will this hoverboard survive within ten numbers? Then I will effortlessly give it nine numbers in ten. So I would suggest you use it and enjoy the best service of the hoverboard.

  • September 23, 2018
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