Lamborghini Hoverboard Review

As a kid we often dream of getting something that makes us feel like a superhero whether it be Batman or Iron Man, that’s entirely up to your preference. As a grown-up, we tend to want something which will make our lives a whole lot smoother.

A hoverboard is what makes all those dreams turn into reality. But can you imagine having a hoverboard which is endorsed by one of the most well-known brands out there on the horizon?

Hence, the core objective of this article would be to go through the ins and outs of the Lamborghini Hoverboard Review. This machine is probably one of the most innovative inventions ever made in this generation.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Overview

Products are certainly brought down into different categories, the hoverboard is no exception in this case. But the Lamborghini hoverboard is most certainly an exception. As the product structure has been inspired by the legendary Lamborghini Aventador itself.

Brand Value

When something is endorsed by the Lamborghini brand, it’s got be good right? I mean you wouldn’t check any other requirements or reviews if you just see that iconic black and yellow logo. But we still recommend you to do so. So, the first thing you can tick of the checklist is the brand value this product will provide.

  • Specifications

Starting from the design structure to lights to wheels, everything will get briefly explained and covered up in this article. So, after you are done going through the whole article the only question you’ll have is to whether to buy this product or not?

Because from root to stem, all the parts will be brought down in details so that you face no problems when it comes to purchasing the product.

  • Better for:

Now in what sections will this product be used properly? A hoverboard is one thing, but this product doesn’t fall into any other standard hoverboard category. The first thing it’s better for is showing off, you just won’t have the bragging right with any other product than this one. It’ll definitely make you feel on top of the world.

Secondly, for the kids, after they are finished setting up, they can easily take it for short rides in the park or play it around in their homes. It could also be a personal transport system for them to deliver them to school but always have to make sure it is adequately charged.

If you think about the environment, this product will certainly help out. How? Here’s how. One of the biggest problems in the current generation is traffic. Not only will the usage of this hoverboard provide smooth assistance during short journeys but it will also not disrupt traffic. Which will definitely make you feel like a saint since you are helping out the society?

This product is also better for those who’ve just had one ripped off regular day in the gym and is coming back home. As much as it will be helpful for your health if you burn those calories by walking, if you are lazy, the hoverboard can be your best friend.

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Price vs. Durability

It is not the budget-friendly product just like a regular hoverboard which costs around roughly $200 to $300. But when you’ve got a Lamborghini logo in your product the price increases quite significantly. So, the thing we focus on the most when purchasing is whether the product is worth the cost?

  • Price

The price of this product is approximately around $369 to $999. Now hold on there, you don’t have to stop reading. It’s justifiable that anyone would faint seeing the price tag. Many would even call it “Overpriced.” But that’s not the case here as the features are far worth the value.

  • Durability

A Lamborghini logo is not even the apparent reason to why it is so expensive. The products ability to withstand damage is unlike any other hoverboard out there. As it is designed with the durable ABS body framework, solid rubber tires and a permanent aluminum fender for the wheel cover. It can take a lot of hits and still stay smooth, and the plastic material applied to this hoverboard is of very high quality.

There’s a lot of rubber inserted in this product which is very thick and durable, so you shouldn’t expect your hoverboard to wear out that easily. It will surely keep you intact with the hoverboard itself. Hence, you’ll always feel very smooth and comfortable while riding in this hoverboard.

Moreover, the pinpoint accuracy and sensitivity of this product makes it worth the purchase. So, even if you were driving at a very high speed and managed to get yourself a considerable impact, it will still run gloriously due to its sturdiness.

Riding Comfort

Most of the hoverboard companies these days focus more on improving the performance of the machine rather than providing coziness while riding it. There should always be a balance at everything. Since consumers might get happy with the performance at the beginning, but as time goes by, they will definitely need to reach that comfort zone.

This is where the two-wheeled self-balancing Lamborghini scooter comes into play. The size of this product is quite more significant than that of a regular hoverboard which means you’ll get more space and you won’t get that claustrophobic vibe.

Secondly, there are thick, durable rubber cushions inserted in the foot area which is very neat to stand up on and ride. Since the rubbers are quite sturdy, they will last long, hence providing more comfort in the days to come.


You just can’t argue with the design of this product, it’s second to none. Quality of the design structure is merely monstrous. It really looks like as if you are actually getting a fragment of the Lamborghini Aventador itself.

The rear vents of the hoverboard are also inspired by the dream car itself. As well as the robust design of the product has been made with such details that it increases the overall usage of the machine and also enhances your riding experience.

Lastly, the LED lights are entirely breathtaking, and yes, even this portion is also taken from Lamborghini. It is so artistically aesthetic that even during night time you won’t be able to take your eyes out of it.

Hoverboard Build Quality

The core essence of every technology is its build structure. And this self-balancing scooter’s built quality is absolutely exquisite. From electrical components to the exterior side everything is made in details.


Let’s talk about the hardware, it is solemnly made out of aluminum which makes it so robust that it can withstand multiple impacts. So don’t worry if while riding you get hit by a lamppost or something. You might hurt your head, but you definitely won’t cause damage to your hoverboard.


Wheels are made out of solid rubber which will make the journeys very lenient as it will be able to take on quite a lot of bumps on the road yet keep the precision. The wheels are basically no other in this product, it’s merely a one piece on the market.

Food Pads

A ton of rubber is applied on the board which is very thick and durable. Those are inserted on the foot pads, so you are definitely getting a smooth texture. Moreover, due to that, you shouldn’t expect it to wear out that easily. The longevity game will remain active.


Power of the motor in this hoverboard is beyond measures as it is made up of Double Independent gyros/ Double 400w. So, there are absolutely no reasons to go further about it as the specifications as it all. One thing to point out is that engines are made of the highest of qualities; hence it will last for a more extended period.

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Lamborghini Hoverboard Speed and Range

If you are looking for facts:

  • Speed

The overall speed of this product would be around 15 to 16km / h. A pretty good rate that will provide an excellent riding experience.

  • Range

The range is approximately around 9 to 10 miles. Which is way better than a standard hoverboard.

  • Breakdown

Now things will take a more complicated turn because no matter how accurate the facts are shown the speed will always depend on the weight of the rider and the terrain. Most companies will continually mislead you by displaying their top speed rather than showing any legitimate actualities.

Hence, the speed of this self-balancing scooter isn’t only determined by facts, it’s determined by the size of the wheels, how well it is built and how much power the motor resides.

So, if you are looking for something that will provide you with actual volume in the speed, you should definitely go for this product as it has an all-terrain capability and a maximum rate of approximately 12 km / h regardless of all the factors included.

Self-Balancing Mode

To this day, people still get astonished by seeing these self-balanced scooters. It mostly depends on the tires strength, agility and grip to keep the perfect balance of the product.

When it comes to comparison, the self-balancing mode is quite the same as the other companies, but the power of wheels does provide the edge.


With the inspiration taken straight out of the Lamborghini Aventador S, these wheels are as authentic as it gets. And to top it off, the iconic logo in the middle of the motor will bring out the brand value and the aesthetics.

Speaking of the looks, you simply can’t deny the fact that those wheels are beyond comparison to any other bikes out there in the market. Not just because of the endorsement from Lamborghini. Every time you go out, you’ll be able to clearly see the texture in those wheels and the matte black finish to make it look even more relaxed.

Now coming over to the specification, a 5 to the 6-inch wheel will work correctly for the indoors and mostly for the kids, but this machine has the wheel diameter range of over 8.5 inches.

The more the size, the more capacity a hoverboard will be able to uphold and the more lenient it will be for a consumer. So, for your outdoor adventures, this machine right here will definitely be your best pal.

When it comes to the road presence of these SUV tires, it’s simply unrivaled. The stopping power is pitch perfect along with excellent traction and durability. Hence, even in light snow, you’ll feel completely safe.

LED Lights

It has been mentioned numerous times how the hoverboard got endorsed or is inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador itself, and again in the lighting system, there is no exception.

Both the front and the backlights are taken directly from the Aventador, only it is more minimalized. Yet it keeps the consistency of the car’s design in the hoverboard intact. It is an impressive feature to grab the attention of the consumer.

As the details are shown so correctly, during the night time the lights will look so vibrant that you won’t be able to resist.

Bluetooth Speaker

You think the features are over? It has barely begun. To make this thing even more relaxed, the Bluetooth speaker applied in this machine is impeccable. And yet again the sounds more Aventador based.

The very first thing you will notice when you turn on the hoverboard is the fact that it takes a Lamborghini Aventador noise. A cold start to be more specific and the audio is directly taken from Aventador LP 700-4.

For a car enthusiast, this is a pretty cool thing, as the sound of the cold start of the Lamborghini itself can feel like heaven on earth. But, some people might not like it so fear not, as it can be turned off using the app.

As for the speaker’s sound variation, it has more than an average volume for you to hear especially in quiet roads outside. Through the usage of the app provided, you can easily customize the Bluetooth speaker’s settings to your own preferences.

The Battery and Charging Time

Quality of a product is usually judged through how long it lasts. Suppose you have a hoverboard, and after an hour or two, you find there is a red flag beeping on the charging bar. It instantly turns into a wrong product in your eyes regardless of the cool features.

  • Battery

With the 4,3Ah – 36V to Lithium Ion, you’ll easily be able to ride the board for at least 4 hours or so. The Battery is well tested and well branded, so there is absolutely no reason to worry about the quality of it.

  • Charging Time

It will take a minimum of 3-4 hours to get it charged to 100%. Yeah, this is a pretty long time to charge it up but when you have a product this big, delivering such good contents you should take a page from the old book, “Good things come to those who wait.”

Product Weight and Weight Capacity

This is one hefty hoverboard. Right after you are done with the packaging and unboxing and have the product in your arms, you’ll know the difference.

  • Weight

Approximately the board’s weight is 35 to 40 pounds, which is quite a lot heavier than any regular hoverboards out there. But this heaviness gives it a more premium vibe, because at times when it is a light weighted hoverboard people tend to feel like there is degradation in quality.

  • Weight Capacity

The capacity of this machine would be roughly around 260 to 270 pounds. That’s well enough for the kids and the adults. As you will be able to drive with ease.

UL2272 Certification

One of the most important rules to know before purchasing a hoverboard is to find out whether it has the coveted UL2272 certification. The safety of the charger system and the electrical drive train is mostly evaluated through this standard.

If you see a product which doesn’t have this certification applied, especially if you have it for your children. It is guaranteed. No, there are lots of risks involved. So always be sure of this.

With that being said Lamborghini is one of the first hoverboard brands out there to attain the UL2272 certification. Hence, there is absolutely no reason to worry about the safety it provides.

Smartphone App

This is probably the coolest feature of this hoverboard. When it comes to having an app, you might feel like there is a certain amount of difficulty in it. But, this is where things get fun; it will take you roughly around 10 minutes to thoroughly learn the smartphone app. The app’s name is “GLYBOARD COURSE.”

So, let’s break it down!


Initially, there are like three modes:

  1. Strada

This one is more the beginners. Those who haven’t used a hoverboard before. It basically softens the course of action and tones down the sensitivity so you can quickly learn to move around.

  1. Sport

The Sport is basically a step up from the Strada model. It is usually referred to as the normal mode. You won’t notice much of a difference in this mode. Basically, everything gets a bit stiffened up.

  1. Corsa

In this mode, you will definitely notice the difference. As it is more advanced, things will be a lot more sensitive. You won’t have to lean much to move the hoverboard around.

  • A crucial point to be noted is that no matter which mode you are going to be in, the responsiveness of this machine will always be on end.


We all do feel a little insecure when it comes to using an app which can control a machine. Since there is a login system, you can provide a password of your choice to keep the protection intact and have yourself peace of mind.


The best part about this app is that you can customize things to your own preferences. Whether it’s sound changes or setting up a speed limit to keep things under control. You’ll be really fascinated to see how well constructed this app actually is.

Special and Uncommon Features

When it comes to making comparison the very first thing comes in mind is the brand name it is authenticated by. It has to be mentioned because you won’t get another hoverboard which has the originality of the dream car itself.

  • Power

Secondly, this machine is twice as powerful as any standard self-balancing scooters out there on the horizon. It is as close as to a Lamborghini experience you are ever going to get.

  • Space

Thirdly, it provides approximately 33% larger foot space than any regular hoverboard. That ensures a lot more ease and comfort when it comes to riding this machine.

  • App

Ultimately, the user-friendly app. Other companies tend to provide an app too, but you won’t get another app which as well designed as this one.


  • The ride sensors are brilliant, hence you’ll definitely enjoy the short rides.
  • For the beginners, it has a training mode which will come in really handy.
  • Accommodation of up to 270 Pounds
  • Reliable Battery
  • High Performance
  • User-friendly Smartphone app


  • It is highly expensive
  • You might feel a bit annoyed for the long charging time

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Editor’s Boost

One of the most crucial recommendations would utilize this exceptional technology outdoors as much as possible. Because that’s where it can be fully optimized. If you are looking for something that will only help you out indoors, then this is not the product for you.

However, regardless of the fantastic features this machine is sure to give you an outdoor thrill like no other and can be a perfect companion for you.


Overall, this machine will quickly grab your attention when you see the iconic logo attached to it. Apart from that, the Lamborghini Hoverboard Review is filled with all the necessary essentials required for you to get the in-depth details of this unique technology fully.

  • October 3, 2018
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