The Lexus Hoverboard Price in 2019

From children to several generations of the last century, science fiction through fantastic and epic stories, has made them believe that being adults could handle cars that flew in futuristic metropolises full of skyscrapers, air traffic and lights of neon. Despite the fact that another prototype appeared on Kickstarter, it was Lexus who finally succeeded. Lexus has not realized this dream, but another: the possibility of floating with a hoverboard. In addition to that the Lexus Hoverboard price will soon be much more accessible to the pockets of the public than those USD 10,000 of which had spoken or the competition. The Lexus Hoverboard price is considered reasonable enough. Just like the Nike boots from the movie “Back to the Future” are already a reality. It seems that we are in the presence of another prediction whose prototype promises to make it come true in a short time. With an ambitious and innovative project that has caused a furor in all social networks, thanks to the multiple videos broadcast on platforms such as YouTube where the operation of the device is shown, many people are looking forward to going on the market to acquire one. With this guide you will be able to clarify all your questions and make a purchase decision that, more than buying, will be within reach one of your childhood dreams.

Does the Lexus Hoverboard have an exit date to the market?

No, the company has insisted that they do not yet have an exact date. Is it possible to use it anywhere? For now the device is a prototype, and can only be used in the special skatepark that Lexus created for testing. Does magnetism work? Yes, of course it does, but it needs a platform in which to do it and that is the detail that is being perfected. It will be a luxury and exclusive object of the elites? The competition spoke of the Lexus Hoverboard price’ accessibility in the market. Lexus aú no. But he has made it clear that he is working to make it accessible to the vast majority of consumers.

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Really! Lexus Hoverboard easy to use?

Learning to ride a Longboard will be infinitely easier than learning to use the traditional skateboard, longboard, bicycle and any other conventional product that is on the market looking to fulfill the same purpose: to move easily and safely to another place without have the obligatory need to walk. Moving, thanks to this marvel of technological innovation, will be much easier and fun, and at the same time, less exhausting; since the displacement will not depend on our physical effort, the device will do practically everything.

Lexus Hoverboard Is more resistant.

Many professional skateboarders, amateurs or just people who frequently use traditional skateboards are in need of buying another one in a short time. This is because the risk of accidents is very high, even for experienced users the risk does not disappear. This, added to the low resistance of the product causes many to be damaged and the buyer is forced to buy another. With the Lexus Hoverboard this is completely different, the product offered by Lexus is much more resistant so its durability is greater, and the way to coordinate it is also easier to learn and run so it also reduces the risk of accidents.

We want you to take care of yourself

Despite the technological progress that greatly limits the possibility of an accident and any risk related to the user being injured or injured; the company advises to continue using protection. Knee pads, elbow pads, helmet. Everything that helps to guarantee the integral protection of the user of the Hoverboard. In case of any event that may occur due to a third person or an eventual circumstance. No technological advance can foresee the irresponsibility of a car driver who disrespects traffic lights or any other traffic law. Therefore, it is better to prevent and always think about protection.

It works with magnetism and makes you levitate.

You’re levitating because the board is filled with magnets more than 300 degrees below zero. You can move like Marty Mcfly, but you need to recharge liquid nitrogen every 10 minutes. So far you can only move with the Lexus Hoverboard in a skatepark that contains everything necessary for magnetic displacement. the same idea that is used in maglev trains, for now. Its dimensions are 6.5 inch.

It has friction less system

The friction less system makes the equipment achieve higher speed. It can easily speed up in no time at all.

The “spindle” grille feature

This spindle grille feature is the brand’s trademark. It is one of the reasons why Lexus is famous around the world. The Lexus hoverboard price is cheap as compared to other hoverboards. It is reasonable and the majority of the population can afford the price of Lexus hoverboard. So buy the product now and enjoy the ride!

Final Steps

It is amazing how, with the passing of the years, that famous phrase becomes more real: “reality surpasses fiction”. More than a technological innovation, a skater vehicle or a market product, the Lexus Hoverboard has been designed to dream. An artifact that makes the dreams of childhood tangible is definitely something that transcends the commercial. Undoubtedly, from the diffusion of his videos of the prototype in test period and of use by several “beta-testers” experts in the matter; It caused a stir and an amazing illusion. Many believe that the birth of something like the Lexus Hoverboard, is the foundation stone to the traditional vehicles. It may be many years before we see conventional vehicles leave the market and be relegated to memory, history and memory; but without a doubt Lexus has made humanity take a huge leap into the future we all want. Purchase the Lexus hoverboard now. Lexus hoverboard’s price will definitely give you the value for your money!

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