Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how new technology and innovative ideas have taken over the way we commute. We’ve come a long way from walking to riding horseback to sophisticated engineering machines to take us to any corner of the world.

There are airplanes to fly you to any corner of the earth, cars to travel any distance more conveniently and even rockets to go to space. But what if you want something simple yet versatile? Perhaps the Razor e100 electric scooter review will give you a better insight.

The electric scooter dimension is a whole new exciting way to commute without leaving behind a carbon trace. It is like riding a, but this time it is backed by powerful motors and cool features.If this piqued your interest, then keep reading to find out exactly why you need this in your life or want to check the price click here for Amazon pricing.

Razor e100 Electric Scooter Features

  • A powerful motor that is accustomed to handling the rocky roads
  • A more extensive deck space that makes it easier for kids to ride
  • Pneumatic tires for extra support and for maintaining tension
  • Longer cruise time due to a high powered sustainable battery
  • Requires less time for charging making the cell more efficient
  • A robust suspension system for a powerful brake.
  • Comes with twist grip throttle that enables superior acceleration control, allowing for improved maneuverability
  • Stylish and available in different colors

Razor e100 Electric Scooter Review

When you want to buy state of the art, high-quality electric scooter, then one the one brand you will always hear about preached by consumers and retailers alike is Razor. With their lines of excellently crafted and innovative designs and features, this brand stands at the top of the chart in electronic scooter manufacturing.

They carry other models as well, but this particular model has some distinctive features which set it apart as one of their magnum opuses.

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Efficient and innovative motor

One essential feature of electric scooter is it has to be robust and robust to generate enough speed that can make it possible to scale the small hills as well as rock the rocky streets. The Razor e100 makes its potential thanks to its robust chain driven motor.

The motor is capable of generating a generous amount of 100 Watt power each scale, which makes the vehicle go super smooth and have enough strength to maintain balance. The brand has a unique motor design which they call the ‘Power Core,’ and this specific model is also equipped with the same Razor motor allowing it to have a constant 24-volt battery.

It also has a handy in-hub motor that aims at eliminating smaller issues and also cancels sound effectively. As a result, you can ride without creating a ruckus.


The battery on this model is excellent as it can provide 40 minutes of continuous joy and only requires 8-12 hrs of charge time. However, the device should be charged for up to 12 hours initially. The in-hub motor also allows for less maintenance of the battery itself, but it should be charged regularly.

Surface Area

Electric scooters are meant to be ridden by standing on them, so the more extensive deck space, the better. When the surface area of the deck is spacious, it becomes easier to maintain balance and maneuver the vehicle.

The more full deck also makes it possible to support the high performing lead acid battery and provides enough space for other additions such as better suspension and kick-start motor. The surface space on this classic model is 8 inches perfect for supporting the need of its riders.

It is easier to carry the load when it is spread on a broader surface. That is physics 101. So as the deck is very generous, it can take 120 lbs without breaking a sweat. It distributes the weight effortlessly making this model approachable by kids and teenagers. So, if larger space is what you were after, the e100 will definitely be your friend.


An essential feature for electric scooters are handlebars which act as the steering wheel for this kind of vehicle. It is critical that the bars are user-friendly and effective when it comes to bringing to a halt.

The handlebar on this model holds the suspension pipe, meaning there is a lever that can be pressed down at it creates a force on the rear tire that brings the vehicle to break. This is very important as one can easily pick up the pace with the electric scooters.

The handlebars are nicely covered with rubber material for extra grip. The rubber handle also prevents loss of control due to sweaty palms, which are usually noticed among kids. Small tweaks such as this easily prevent accidents, which is why this feature is appreciated by most parents. The handlebars cannot be adjusted; the whole neck moves slightly along with the motion of direction. The throttle has a twist grip option that can control superior acceleration. However, it needs to be adjusted before starting the ride from the get go.


The weight bearing ability of these vehicles can be a deal breaker for many riders, which is understandable. Keeping this in mind, Razor made it clear for the users about the capacity that this model can bear so that none of the consumers are misled.

The weight capacity highly depends on the condition of the roads and how inclined the hills are. However, this model is designed for kids who are 8 years and above. This is up to the users to decide which age is appropriate to start riding, but according to Razor, this model is capable of holding 120 Lbs in adverse conditions. This means on open streets, the vehicle can carry more load.

This weight limit is ideal for kids and also for teenagers. Caution should be applied that extra weight is not given on the device as it will wear out the durability of the product.

Kick off Feature

When you are riding a scooter, you do not want it to accelerate at full speed immediately. Not only is that incredibly hazardous, but it also lessens the overall experience of riding a scooter. Countless children could get hurt with such a practice. They could fall over, lose balance, or even damage the bike. Not anymore, due to the E100’s natural kick-off feature.

This feature means that the rider must first start riding at a steady speed of 3 mph before the motor automatically turns itself on for the full cruising experience. This lets the rider stay constant as the engine turns on, keeping them safe and fully prepared for the motor to take over the wheel. The feature also further improves the overall riding experience, as you are eased into the speed.

This feature appeals to both inpatient and patient children alike. For the active kids, the feature means they do not have to wait to turn off the motor and all its complexities. They can simply start their ride as soon as they please and just let the engine turn on by itself as they begin their long cruise around town. For the ones who quickly lose balance, the feature lets them get into the speed at their own pace, allowing keeping themselves balanced and relax as the motor starts.


It is very vital that the rider becomes accustomed to using the handbrake to ensure safety. This rings true for any scooter. Luckily for them, the E100 has an excellent handbrake to complement its already unique design.

Continuing the stream of this model’s commitment and assurance of safety, it introduces a finely crafted, intuitive, and responsive handbrake system that can keep the rider steady and safe while riding. The brakes are located on the left handle on the handlebar. It is located to the opposite of the twist grip accelerator; evidence of superb handle design.

The brake stops the front tire, subsequently ending the scooter. This is done with super precision, as it holds the scooter together, preventing a sudden break from resulting in uncertain outcomes. However, it is by no means 100% danger proof, as the rider must always keep sudden handbrakes to a minimum and get accustomed to controlling the twist grip accelerator to slow down and relax the scooter before making a break.


One of the most excellent features of the E100 is its wheels. The front wheel measures at an impressive 8 inches while the back is smaller. However, what is interesting is that the two tires do not just differ in size, but also the type. The front tire is a state-of-the-art air tire while the rear one is composed of polyurethane. This difference, however, plays an integral part in what makes this a secure and fast scooter.

Air tires are smoother and faster, but it runs the risk of making the scooter go way too fast, running the risk of injury. The polyurethane tires, on the other hand, are more susceptible to friction. The dichotomy between the two play off of each other and make it an excellent riding experience.

Because of the different tires, the scooter is now both safer and faster. You can rest assured that your child will be safe while riding, while at the same time, the little rider will be more than satisfied by the speed this beast offers. Thus, maintaining its promise and assurance of safety even further.

Air Tires

We have talked about Air tires before, but its best to adequately explain just how amazing these are. For one, if the name of the game is speed, air tires are your ace player. With the power to ignore obstacles, the tires are capable of maintaining its speed even when confronted by rough terrain and obstacles like rocks and cracks.

While polyurethane tires are always a safe bet, they can make your ride jolty and less smooth. Air tires, on the other hand, are the pioneers of smooth cruising and fast traveling. However, that is what makes them more expensive.

Subsequently, a scooter with two air tires comes at a cost. E100 however, diversifies the tires, keeping the price at a reasonable place while also sacrificing the full speed of two air tires for a safe, yet still fast experience for your children to enjoy. However, if your children want to relish in speed, they might want something with two air tires. These scooters are more for well-coordinated and experienced children. It is highly recommended that they first get accustomed to electric scooter riding, so before buying a two air tired scooter like the E200, invest in this model to get them started.


Razor understands that being efficient and handy is not enough for the consumers of this highly demandable market, which is why this model comes in a wide range of colors. Red, black, silver, green you name it, they have it. Kids will surely have a color that suits their personality the most with this model.

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  • 8-inch wide deck
  • Grip pneumatic tires
  • Power core motor
  • User-friendly
  • Kick-start option is available
  • Foldable kickstand
  • Twist grip handler
  • Powerful suspension


  • Limited weight capacity of 120 lbs
  • Needs regular charge time
  • The chain on the engine can come loose


How much time does the battery require for initial charge time?

It is advisable that the battery is charged for 12 hours straight for the first time.

Is the chain driven motor powerful?

The chain driven motor can conjure up around 100-watt power enough to give 10 miles per hour speed.

Does the model come with a charger?

The battery is lead acid type and needs to be charged for 8 hours with a charger that is provided with purchase.

What speed is required to get the motor started?

The model features a kick-start mode which needs 3mph to start the vehicle.

Can the scooter operate without the motor?

The motor is connected with the wheels; as a result, the tires will not spin without electric connectivity.

Note that worth

Even the electric scooter market is saturated with an option, which is why the Razor e100 electric scooter review is here to provide you apparent features. This model is ideal for starting out without breaking the budget. The kick-start mode makes it so approachable that the kids will enjoy every ride.

With amazing features and gorgeous design, this model is undoubtedly a buzz maker, and you will not want to miss out on this!

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