Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter Review

When it comes to electric scooters there is no other brand that has more name recognition than Razor. This popularity and brand value are well deserved by Razor as they have consistently given the world top quality, reliable scooters that are quite affordable most of the time. The Razor power core E90 is also no exception.

You won’t regret buying any of the Razor scooters as a certain amount of quality is guaranteed with the brand. Despite that, there are differences between the Razor scooters in terms of features. The Power core E90 outperforms similar Razor scooters such as the E100 and all the scooters from the Razor E series for that matter. So, before buying a scooter you should first consider what kind of features are necessary to meet your specific needs.

The E90 is made tailor-made for kids. It has moderate speed and quite user-friendly so that makes it easy for kids to learn how to ride it quite easily. The biggest selling point of this electric scooter would be its run time. A lot of electric scooter users complain about the run time not being enough. Well, Razor has you covered it that aspect. With 75% more run time and 70 more minutes of extended drive time at an affordable price is a good bargain in our opinion.

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Who should use it?

According to the manufacturers, its age limit is from 8 years and up, provided that his/her weight remains under 120 lbs.

Razor power core E90 Features

There are a lot of things to consider before buying an electric scooter. You have to first note down what kinds of requirements you have and then search for the scooter which provides those features. Things like runtime, motor, battery charge time, speed have to be evaluated to make the right choice.

Here the best features of the Razor power core E90:


The Razor power core E90 has a standard 12v/100w that is of the kick-start type. As this motor is powered by a single battery its battery power is pretty low compared to some of the expensive models of electric scooters. But its speed is decent for the battery power it has.Its torque power is also a little low. Despite that, it has 50% more power than the original Razor E90 electric scooter.

It is a zero emission motor powered by electricity. One of the biggest advantages of this motor is that it is extremely quiet. So don’t need to worry about the neighbors complaining about your kid’s scooter being too loud. They can zip around the neighborhood easily because of the E90’s superior hub motor.

Despite some shortcomings, the E90’s motor can withstand a lengthy run time quite well rolling out 80 minutes of riding with fifty percent more muscle power.

The E90 has a hub motor that was innovative designed to provide a smooth ride.


The power core E90 electric scooter has a compact design. It is quite stylish and kid-friendly. It also comes in different colors like green and pink. There is also a model with a Spiderman themed design.


With its top speed at 10 mph, the E90 may not be the speediest of electric scooters but considering the age demographic it is geared towards the speed is perfect in our opinion. It’s neither too fast nor too slow.

The speed is mostly dependent on the rider’s weight and the condition of the surface it is driving on. You might get lower speed on grassy surfaces and while going up hills.

It has a kick to start system. So you would have to keep kicking until the speed is roughly about 3 mph then you can start the engine.


The E90 uses a push button throttle on the right side of the twist grip handle. Which is fairly easy to control. Switching from electric powered riding to kick style riding is also made simple.

The rider should remember to release the throttle to slow down the scooter gently before applying the brakes. This makes the process smoother.

The E90 has no variable speed control. The rider may need to gain some experience before he/she can properly control the speed of the scooter.


This electric scooter has a weight of 22 lbs. it’s extremely lightweight even compared to other lighter models.


This scooter is highly portable due to it being lightweight. This is great because as it is used by kids, that means it would be easy for them to carry it around.


This scooter is maintenance free as there is no alignment or chain in it. Also, you won’t need a chain tensioner.


One of the things the customers of the E90 really liked about it was the ease at which it can be assembled. It will only take you up to 10 minutes. You can assemble it in just one step. You just need to fasten the handlebar with the scooter itself and you are good to go.


It has a 12V single battery. You have to make sure that you charge it overnight after buying it as the first charge is crucial.


This scooter does have a retractable kickstand. The rider doesn’t have to lean it against a wall or something. You can just use the kickstand so that your scooter doesn’t fall over when parked.


The Razor power core E90 can go uphill quite easily. The speed might decrease a bit while going up an incline but the overall ride remains smooth.


The E90 has a hand operated front fender brake. Which works quite well as described by the users. Since the brakes are hand operated the breaking process is fairly smooth.It’s quite easy for a kid to learn to handle the brakes.


The first thing you would find after opening the box is a sealed plastic bag with a charger, an instruction manual and an Allen wrench (used to assemble the scooter) in it.


  • Longer ride time of about 80 minutes
  • It has kick start functionalities which is quite appropriate for kids as it the scooter starts right after starting the engine a kid might not keep his/her balance properly and that might cause injury
  • Build quality is great
  • No maintenance is required
  • The scooter is extremely lightweight when compared to other scooters, this not only gives the scooter portability but also high speeds.
  • The E90 is fairly affordable. You get a top quality scooter at a lower price


  • This scooter doesn’t have much of a torque power meaning going uphill will decrease speed.
  • The handlebar is pretty short in height. That means your kid will eventually outgrow it.
  • Speed control is not variable

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How safe is this scooter?

Since this scooter is for safety is of the utmost concern. The E90 does deliver on that regard. Its kick start system causes the rider to first manually increase the speed the scooter’s speed and start the scooter’s engine after that. By doing so there is no chance of the scooter instantly starting causing the rider to lose balance and injure himself/herself. The deck is wide enough for the rider to balance properly. The brakes are hand operated and the breaking process is pretty smooth. The scooter can endure bumps and cracks on the road without a hassle. The rider doesn’t have to worry about a bumpy ride. There is virtually no chance of the rider falling over and receiving an injury due to the way the E90 is built. Razor is put in quite a lot of thought and effort into making this scooter more suitable and safe for kids to use.

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What the users have to say about razor power core E90

We have looked at hundreds of user reviews on Amazon. There were overwhelmingly positive reviews out there. About 65% of the users gave this scooter a 5-star rating. This was mostly because of the E90’s biggest feature, its runtime. There are some other aspects also that caught the users’ eyes.

Here are some the things they mentioned:

  • The thing universally loved by the customers was, of course, the 80-minute runtime. As the previous version only had 40 minutes of battery life. 80 minutes might not sound like a lot but in case of an electric scooter, it definitely is a big deal.
  • A lot of the buyers mentioned the price. They really liked the fact that they got such an amazing scooter at such an affordable price.
  • Charging is an easy process. The charging cables are also quite long.
  • Some customers complained that the scooters that were shipped had defects in them. That might be a concerning factor to you. So, immediately have it replaced if that were to happen
  • Users liked the build quality of the E90 electric scooter. They mentioned how reliable this scooter really is. That reliability comes from it being able to take long periods of continuous use.
  • The parents who had bought it for their kids admired its speed range. As it was speedy enough to be a fun ride for the kids but too fast for the speed to be concerned about.
  • Some of the users complained that the battery worked just fine for a few months and then it either didn’t work properly or it died. So, if you are willing to buy a new battery every few months that shouldn’t be a problem for you.
  • One thing to be cautious about is that the scooter doesn’t do well on wet surfaces. So warn your kid about taking it out on a rainy day.

Final verdict

Overall this scooter is amazing. It uses power core technology that is what caused it to have such a long runtime. It has outstanding features for a scooter geared towards kids. In terms of reliability, it is pretty hard to match. Also considering how much it costs and the features that you get from it buying it is surely a good deal.

As this scooter is best suited for small kids from ages 6 to 13 it might most likely be his/her first electric scooter. For the first experience at an electric scooter, the E90 holds up pretty well. It’s easy to learn how to ride it, starting and braking is also straightforward. The power code E90 is more powerful and has more runtime than the regular E90.

If your kid is a little older than let’s say 10 we would suggest going a scooter in the Razor E series. But for younger kids the power core E90 is unmatched.

After taking into consideration the performance, battery life, run time, durability and suitability the Razor power core E90 electric scooter is just outstanding. It is one of the best kid’s scooters out there in the electric scooter market. It would make a great gift for your children or grandchildren on their birthdays or for Christmas. We highly recommend buying it.

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