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The advancement of one aspect has been unstoppable, and that is technology; making our wildest imagination come true. Now, with absolute certainty, I can assume that all of us were awestruck by magic carpets and the concept of free gliding whenever they appeared on our favorite show. Even though we have not advanced that much, we still managed to create hoverboards!

Yes, you’ve heard it right, hoverboards exist, and we have lined up swagtron hoverboard reviews so you can choose the best for yourself. With the widespread popularity of these machines, I’m sure you’ve been intrigued to try out one. They really do make a change in your lifestyle and the way you commute.

Overview of Swagtron Hoverboard

As the name suggests, Swagtron is a brand that came up with the idea to incorporate comfort and trend into commute. Their whole USP is being relaxed and stylish but also be economical and environment-friendly.

The motive of the company is to blend technology to create new and innovative ways of transportation. With motors raising up to 300 watts and strong suspension capacity, swagtron sure is making a buzz.

Swagtron mainly deals with vehicles that aren’t technically vehicles, but they will get you to places. Ranging from skateboards to scooters, they have it all. But don’t for a minute think they sell ordinary scooters and skateboards. They are all electric!

Sounds unconventional but it is true. Swagtron carries electric scooters, electric skateboards, and even hoverboards. Boards which went big in the recent years are quite rare to nail, but swagtron makes it possible.

The brand carries quite a few models, but to ease your mind, let us dive into some of the best, ranging from economical to super bougie.

Swagtron Hoverboard Comparison

PhotoNameFeaturesPrice Link
Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 HoverboardMax Speed: 8+ miles
Capacity: 220 Pound
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Swagtron Swagboard T5 HoverboardMax Speed: 8+ miles
Capacity: 275 Pound
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Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 HoverboardMax Speed: 7.5 miles
Capacity: 220 Pound
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Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 HoverboardMax Speed: 12 miles
Capacity: 420 Pound
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Swagtron Swagboard TwistMax Speed: 7 miles
Capacity: 200 Pound
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Top 5 Swagtron Hoverboard Reviews

The brand carries several transportation modes, but if you’re out for hovering the streets, then you’ve come to the right place. Even then you might get confused as to why you should make that purchase. Also, the line carries a number of models which can create a dilemma. So, let us clear up the confusions.


#1. Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Hoverboard Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

Hoverboards are convenient, no denying that. But how cool would it be if they came with amazing features that could keep the children and the family entertained for hours? Now, if that is your heart’s desire, then look no further because swag board proT1 has got you covered.

Packed with facilities, the pro T1 is especially handy for its safety features as it makes sure that the device does not catch fire by heating up excessively. It also has a sensible battery system and suspensions that allow the vehicle to reach heights and also go downhill without slipping.



  • Mileage – obviously nobody wants the hassle of charging the device frequently, which is why the vehicle can run for 12+ hours on a single charge and give 8+ mph.
  • Weight – it is essential to know the capacity this device can hold, which is 220 lbs.
  • Motor – the motor is powerful enough to generate 300 watts, and the hoverboard weighs 22 pounds overall.
  • Battery – the machine runs on one lithium ion battery and a sophisticated sentry shield smart battery system protects the vehicle from accidental hazards. The battery needs to be charged for one hour.
  • Heights and slopes – the powerful motor that runs on 100 to 120 volt can reach an incline up to 30 degrees. It also has traction to stop from slipping.
  • Cool features – to begin with, it has LED highlights and rubber bumpers. It is also certified against fire hazards. It is available in stunning red color.
  • Audience – with its weight capacity, it is perfectly suitable for kids.


Why we liked it

The first of its kind to get a fire hazard free certification is undoubtedly a relief. On top of that, the model runs for 12+ hours with an only 1-hour charge. The battery management is also efficient and saves up energy.

Things to consider

  • It is an absolute necessity to look into the readers manual properly before riding the board
  • Beware of the weight load as excessive pressure can wear down on the board and eventually cause it to break in two pieces.

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#2. Swagtron Swagboard T5 Hoverboard for Kids and Young Adults

Of course, you want a board that is going to be versatile and at the same time not spit you entirely off guard. You want a vehicle that takes its time in adjusting with you and as take time adjusting and balancing. This is why sawgboard T5 is termed as entry mode as it will lead you into getting a full grip over hoverboards.

The T5 is very lenient in the field that it has a learning mode option available, which is excellent for beginners, and frankly, everyone is a beginner when they purchase these boards. So, the feature is quite handy. It is also auto-balancing, which will refute the chances of falling over or slipping off. And of course, the T5 also features the unique patented battery mode of Swagtron.



  • Mileage – it is excellent in providing a generous 14+ miles run in just one battery time and also cover 8+ miles mph. Pretty impressive if you ask me.
  • Motor – with an exceptional capacity of generating 250 watts, this ride can navigate and protect at the same time.
  • Weight – the device can carry a load of a maximum of 275 lbs, which means it is suitable for kids and teenagers. The machine itself weighs about 23 pounds.
  • Battery – it needs to be charged for only 2 hours and will give you smooth sail for 14+ hours. Equipped with lithium-ion batteries; are patented by the company itself.
  • Safety features – it can auto balance, which increases mobility and also for extra comfort the footpads are designed to fit smaller feet. The two-wheeler is also water resistant.
  • Inclination – it can reach up to 15 degrees, and the 7 inch double wheels keep the mechanical systems in check to minimize accidental balance tip-off.
  • Audience – this model can be enjoyed by kids and teenagers and even adults


Why we like it

It is water resistant and comes with easy manual settings. Who doesn’t appreciate that? Its dual-wheel feature also maintains balance and inclination for 14 hours of a happy time.

Things to consider

  • Using any other battery other than the patented cells could wear out the board instantly.

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#3. Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 Hoverboard – Smart Self-Balancing Wheel

We are seeing the increasing trend of connecting your smartphone to other devices such as wrist watch, television, and cars. In that case, why should hoverboards be left behind? Well, your concern has been answered because the swagboard vibe T580 has a Bluetooth function, furthering the functionality of these boards.

Apart from the fact that it can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it also has a certified safety feature. Which means the device will not light up on fire as you listen to your favorite tunes while hovering. It also lights up and fashions a stunning black bodice. Perfect for making all the head turn.



  • Weight – the device itself weighs about 27 pounds and hence can work on 3 modes. Meaning it can carry 3 sets of influence ranging from 44 to 220 lbs.
  • Mileage – in one go, the board can cover a distance of 8 miles and has a speed of 7.5 miles per hour.
  • Motor – the motor is exceptionally high quality and can generate power of 200 watts. This makes it possible to carry the weight load and also charge the LEDs to function.
  • Safety features – the boards have LEDs to guide the way in the dark. Besides that, it is UL certified, which means the vehicle has been tested rigorously and stood the test of severe electrical and mechanical obstacles. The 6.5-inch tires also provide maximum support.
  • Cool features – you can play music with the high-quality sound system that comes along with the board. You can also turn your smartphone into a remote and control the device through that.
  • Inclination – it can incline at least 30 degrees.
  • Audience – with its 3 modes it can target everyone.


Why we liked it

Not only does it provide utmost safety but also is hip and trendy. The smartphone can summon your board for you whenever you desire. A very rare feature.

Things to consider

  • Reporting of the device wearing out after a couple of months have been made. So, make sure to charge and take care of the board properly.

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#4. Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Hoverboard – Best Off-Road Hoverboard


Not all roads are smooth and crater-free. We all have to overcome that one pesky road that is bound to shake out internal organs. But if you’re in the search for a hoverboard that can tackle even that terrain, then swag board outlaw has you covered.

Outlaw- the name itself claims to be a device that doesn’t play by the book. Meaning it has features that can overcome the bumpiest roads with ease. Featuring an eye-catching matte black bodice the tires on this vehicle alone can spike anybody’s curiosity. Needless to say, it is suitable for all terrains.



  • Mileage – It can carry you around town for 12+ hours at a stretch and also speed up for 12 miles per hour.
  • Weight – this board is a beast. Not only in turns of look but because it can carry close to 420 lbs! The device itself weighs 32 pounds. Perfect for tacking the bumpy road.
  • Motor – the motor on this board is a sight to behold. It can generate 300 watts per motor as it features dual motors. The engines run on 100 to 240 volt.
  • Battery – it requires to be charged for at least 2 to 3 hours and has lithium polymer batteries which are included.
  • All terrain – with those 10-inch high functioning tires, the vehicle can cover any area. Mainly because it has 30 degrees inclination capacity backed by the grooves of the tire that provide extra support.
  • Cool features – this model can also be connected to the smartphone. It is available in stylish colors and patterns such as the classic matte black, green cameo print and even a pink camo print.
  • Audience – with its weight bearing capacity, it is suitable for all age across the board.


Why we liked it

This model is the last hit with its beasts like tires and robust motor. But at the same time, the stylish avatars can cover everyone’s fantasy of riding a cool hoverboard while playing fantastic music.

Things to consider

  • It is advised to be careful while carrying around the vehicle as it has a weight to it.
  • Slightly expensive than other models

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#5. Swagtron Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Hoverboard

There are several models to choose from, but if you are on the hunt of a specific model that is powerful but will get you started quickly, then the swagboard twist is the perfect fit for you.

This model is super powerful in terms of generating enough power but also has features that will make any beginner pro in zero time. The dual hub motors make sure that you get the speed that you want while keeping your balance intact. Truly a versatile model.



  • Weight – the vehicle itself weighs a standard of 23 pounds and has the capacity of carrying 200 pounds at least. Perfect for kids and adults.
  • Mileage – With a full battery, it can glide up to 4.8 miles with no sweat. It also runs at a speed of 7 miles per hour.
  • Motor – the powerhouse can generate up to 220 watts per engine, which gives it twice the torque compared to other models. The power created also allows you to climb upto 30 degrees.
  • Safety certification – the bodice is made up of sturdy ABS polymer which meets the standard of UI2272. This means it has been tested against sharp falls and tricky terrains.
  • Self-balance mode -this model has you covered when you’re on the run as it can help you easily mount the board without tipping off and also help you maintain balance while riding.
  • Cool features – fashioning a 6.5-inch tire the board lights up while gliding thanks to its LED mode. It is also available in gorgeous shades of blue, red and black.


Why we liked it

The versatility and user-friendliness of this mode are genuinely appreciable. The safe certification is also a factor that puts ease to the mind. So now you can have an enjoyable ride without having to worry about accidents.

Things to consider

  • The battery life may run out if you happen to receive a faulty device. Make sure to charge the board properly.

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What better way to amaze your friends and family other than a stylish hoverboard. This device will not only give you street credit but also save your time and energy of commuting. To help you choose from the diverse models, the swagtron hoverboard reviews have broken down all the requirements that you may have to check out.

So, pick your favorite model and color and get on with the swag!



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