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How can you detect a hoverboard as a best hoverboard?  I say to my judgment, that I first judge a hoverboard with the help of self-balancing. Then try to know whether this hoverboard is safe. These hoverboards are commonly tested by UL 2272. And if the hoverboard is fast, then it can only be called the best hoverboard. Generally, most people are looking for such a hoverboard. With which both children and adults can safely ride the hoverboard. You certainly do not expect any exception! If this is true, then this tomtop hoverboard reviews article is a gift for you. Carefully read the whole point and enjoy the hoverboard.

Aurora Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Specialty

The main feature of this hoverboard is its sophisticated design. It has become more popular due to its design. Its design is basically very strong. So that it can withstand various kinds of big shocks or injuries. The second thing is that the hoverboard wheels. You cannot find any other hoverboard like this hoverboards big wheel. This hoverboard is made with 10.5 inches wheel. One common thing is that the transport wheel is bigger the speed of that transport is more. So it’s a fast speed hoverboard. Besides, many people are now buying because of the price decrease compared to the previous. Why do not you buy? The type of preparation which is needed to purchase this hoverboard, we will discuss in this review. Then stay with us.

6.5 inch Two Wheel Smart Hoverboard

This hoverboard has been made in 11 unique colors. And every color of it is beautiful. This product is the world’s largest e-commerce company; Amazon announced its own choice. And with the convenience of the customer, the advantage of 100 dollar cash back. But a condition has been imposed for that. Only this benefit will be available if this hoverboard is purchased using Amazon’s MasterCard. Besides, the model of the 2018 model is reduced by about 100 dollars compared to the 2017 model. Carbon Fever has been used on the color of the hoverboard using the colors that are used in each model. Although it has been said before that tomtop hoverboard is used in the 10-inch wheel. But not so in all cases, this facility will be available only for those tomtop companies that sell themselves on hoverboards. These 10-inch wheels will not be available for Amazon products sold. This hoverboard can travel from 6 miles to 7.5 miles per hour. However, this hoverboard motor is comparatively much stronger. According to tomtop official website’s information, this hoverboard motor is approximately 350 watts.

The Hoverboard has Bluetooth speakers with it. Connect with Bluetooth on your mobile phone and enjoy your favorite song. It can connect with the mobile, with laptops and allows you to do it with iPhone. Let’s talk about Hoverboards stylish designs. I have already said about 11 models of Hoverboard. But the Hoverboard is designed with spectacular LED lights. You can easily run the hoverboard with the help of lights in the dark at night. The surface of this hoverboard is designed with carbon plate, so it can withstand any kind of shock.

Our Favorite Features:

  • Dual Motor with 700 watt
  • Powerful Battery
  • 7.5 mph speed
  • 10-mile battery range
  • 2-3 hours charging time
  • 220 pounds of carrying ability
  • 26 pounds weight
  • Check Circle UL 2272 certified
  • Check Circle Bluetooth Speaker
  • Check Circle LED light

Warranty and Shipping

A technical warranty has been issued for one year and if any problems arise, Amazon will solve the problem and this hoverboard has no shipping cost.

Anti-Fire Protection

This hoverboard is safe from the fire. It may be that due to running overtime the battery became too hot and the hoverboard was too hot. Then there is a possibility of a hoverboard fire. This is harmful to both the hoverboard and the hoverboard driver. So it’s a good news for these hoverboard users, this hoverboard has no chance of such an accident. It is a hoverboard approved by UL 2272. Moreover, another good aspect of this is that its caching has been made with carbon fiber. This is able to protect the hoverboard from any type of accident.

Good Sign

  • There are 11 different color hoverboards.
  • Each hoverboards body has carbon fiber.
  • Reduced price of about $100 more than the previous model.
  • There are warranty facilities.
  • It’s quite familiar as a safe hoverboard.
  • LED lights are available for running at night.
  • It’s a very fast hoverboard.
  • It can be attached to any device; it is also possible to connect with the iPhone.
  • The battery is charged very quickly.

Bad Sign

  • There is no training feature.
  • The hoverboard of Tomtop is being sold on Amazon; their wheels are not too big.
  • The wheel is comparatively small.


  • Is the charger available with hoverboard?

Yes, the charger with the hoverboard is provided.

  • How do I get 100 dollars cash back?

If you buy the Hoverboard using Amazon’s MasterCard, you get 100 dollar cash back.

  • How can I connect Bluetooth with mobile?

Turn on your mobile Bluetooth and press the Hoverboard power button, Bluetooth will connect automatically.

  • How much time is needed to charge the battery?

It will take 2-3 hours in the first time.

  • Can I train with it?

Unfortunately, this hoverboard hasn’t any training feature.

  • Can I run this hoverboard on grass?

Yes, you can! No problem. You can run it on inconsequential streets. Because of its body is sturdy enough.

  • Is this Hoverboard Remote Control System?


  • How much battery range of this hoverboard?

90 minutes to 120 minutes.


Tomtop is currently a reputable hoverboard company. It is a popular and preferred brand to many Americans. You can choose this hoverboard to gift your baby’s birthday. You can see better customer reviews about the Tomtop hoverboard on the official website of Tomtop. If you are thinking of buying a hoverboard and have read these Tomtop hoverboard reviews then you can be sure of buying it.

  • October 10, 2018
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