Where to Buy a Hoverboard || You May Choose From One

You’ve decided to buy a hoverboard. Right?
It’s a silly question that where is the hoverboard store. You just need to search in google for hoverboard and you’ll find huge list of hoverboards or best list reviews. Also you will find e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart or Ebay.

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Alright I’ve listed 6 top hoverboard buying options for you. Hope you find your desire place.

Buy a good quality hoverboard

Don’t say “Where to buy hoverboards”, say “Where to buy a quality hoverboard”. It’s not very hard task to find good quality products. But I suggest that, research about your selected product. There are huge blogger have written about hoverboards. You can find some honest reviews in the web.


Top 6 Stores Review for Buying Hoverboards

1. Amazon

You know Amazon. Amazon is the top online retail outlet and one of the best places to buy hoverboards. Being a large store, you are assured that a majority of their products are from recognized brands. Almost all brands are selling in the Amazon. The awesome part is Amazon sellers are offering discount all the time. Just you need to find out who is offering. Also there delivery and return policy is good. If you find a prime product then you are lucky.
Prime products have next day delivery and Amazon maintain the prime list for quality products.


  • Varsity of brands to choose from
  • Great customer service
  • Two-day prime shipping for most products
  • check Detailed user reviews
  • check 30 days return policy


  • No Customer follow-up after delivery
  • Third party sellers may be hard to verify

2. Best buy

Best buy is another top destination from which to buy your hoverboard. They offer some popular brands of hoverboards including swagtron. Hover-1 and jetson. Best Buy is a local store. There is an online option for you.


  • 15-day return policy
  • Free shipping
  • You can view the products both online and in person
  • check A wide selection of hoverboards from the online storeo
  • check Quality products


  • The physical store has a limited selection
  • Thy charge 15% of the item price as the return fee

3. Walmart

walmart prides itself on the online store with the largest selection of hoverboards. If you are looking to browse through a wide selection. then this is your best stop. walmart offers you an outstanding 90-day return policy. With their quality offerings, you probably will not need to utile the return policy walmart offers a two-day shipping for your products. Some of the leading hoverboard brands walmart has to include razor. Swagtron, and Hover-1.


  • Large selection of hoverboards
  • 2-day free shipping
  • Selected products are available in-store


  • Third party sellers may have poor products
  • Return policy does not cover marketplace sellers

4. Target

While the target is not as grand as amazon or walmart. It holds a unique position as a trusted retailer of hoverboards. Target offer quite a selection of hoverboards with 15 unique brands to choose from. These brands include famous ones such as Razor, Swagtron and Jetson and uncommon ones like LYSX treme. target also offers a thirty-day return policy on their hoverboards.


  • Best return policy (30 days and extra 30 days for RED card owners)


  • Limited selection of hoverboards
  • Hoverboards not available in-store

5. Jet

Jet a Walmart owned store is a great online shop to purchase a hoverboard. Jewt does not have similar popularity as Amazon but still has a great deal to offer customers. Their customer service is commendable as is their selection of hoverboards. They havbe a thirty-day return policy, therefore; you have some time to assess the suitability of their hoverboards. The best thing about jet is that they charge no return fees on the products.


  • Two-day free shipping
  • check 24-hour customer service
  • check free returns for products
  • check wide selection of hoverboards


  • Few customer reviews
  • Poor descriptions of products

6. Purchasing from the manufacturers’ website or store

Apart from independent online retail stores, you can purchase hoverboards directly from their manufacturers. Various manufacturer is the best option when you know the specific brand of hoverboard you are looking for some of these manufacturer websites include:


Swagtron have a variety of models of a range of prices that you can choose from. they allow you to return defective hoverboards which are sometimes refurbished and resold.


Razor is one of the top hoverboard manufacturers in the US. They have a variety of models from which you can choose your hoverboard. Their prices also range with some models going for about $250-$500 (prices may vary)


Jetson has a very user-friendly website from which to purchase your hoverboards. It allows you a 10% discount on the first purchase after you sign upo for their newsletter. It has a 30-day returns policy but you have to pay for the shipping costs.


Hoverheart manufactures a diverse range of hoverboards for a variety of terrains including the office area and rugged terrain. If you want hoverboards for a specific terrain, Hoverheart has you covered. they offer customer services through their email or phone number. Which can be found on their website.

Buying directly from the manufacturer gives you peace of mind as you are assured of quality products. Besides, manufacturers provide you with a warranty for their products and may have better return policies than retailers.

Now that you know the best places from which to buy your hoverboard, here are the few things you should know before the purchase.

Consecrations to buy a hoverboard


Price is an important consideration when purchasing a hoverboard. Hoverboards come in a range of prices. Which vary with their model and quality as well as the retailer. When choosing where to buy your hoverboard from. Select the retailer with the most affordable choice. Sites such as Amazon have affordable pricing for their products.

Hoverboard Quality

Quality should be the first consideration when you are selecting wher to buy your will buy a hoverboard. Some of the factors to look at when determining the quality of a hoverboard include previous user reviews. The type of materials used, and the frame of the hoverboard. Internal motors, and sensors. Buying a quality product allows you to get the best value from your money.

Customer service

Customer service involves a response to queries and complaints from the retail outlet. When buying your hoverboard online. Select a retailer who offers great Customer service. Great customer service is determined by the time taken to respond to queries. Sites such as Amazon have great response times of under 24 hours. You can ascertain the kind of customer service a retailer has by reading a related online review. Efficient customer service will go a long way in ensuring you are satisfied with the product you purchased.


The type of delivery a retailer offers should help you in deciding where you will purchase your hoverboard. Some retailers offer free or paid shipping for products while others require you to pick up your product from their stores. Decide the site that offers the most convenient delivery for you.

Return and refund policy

You should know the return and refund policies of the sit you choose to buy your hoverboard from. The policy details include the number of days within which you are allowed to return the product. who pays for the return shipping costs and whether you are refunded your money (and how much). as well as possible product exchanges. Understanding these policies will help you make an informed choice on the site you are most comfortable buying from.

Authorized sellers

Authorized sellers are the sellers allowed to sell their products on a site. You may find these authorized sellers on Amazon. Walmart and Jet Authorized sellers will help you determine whether you want to purchase from a site or not.

Fire Safety

In the past hoverboards were relatively unsafe with reports of exploding hoverboards. When purchasing your hoverboard. safety should be a top priority. You will be using it for movement. therefore you need to be sure you are safe. Select stores or retailers that are certified and have support for official recails fro their products. Check the ire safety rating on the hoverboards to check whether they are susceptible to overheating or catching fire.



Now that you know the best places to purchase your hoverboard. Its time you checked out these sites and made a decision on the one that best fits your needs. Made sure that the prices offered by these sites match your budget and the quality and model is exactly what you are looking for.

Ensure that you understand the site’s policies on returns and shipping. Teh quality of the product you are purchasing. The Customer service offered including delivery and the reviews from other customers about the site.

Always exercise caution when buying online to avoid being conned by dishonest people. Ensure you ask the manufacturer or retailer whom you buy from to provide you with answers regarding where to purchase spare parts and accessories for your hoverboards.

Also, check to ensure that your hoverboard comes with all its basic accessories, In case of any complains you should report to the retailer or manufacturer and ask for a return or refund.

  • August 27, 2018
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