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Hoverboard 360 is a new version of the hoverboard. Which is very fast and quite enough to keep the balance. Mainly it has been made for the competitors, but everyone can use it. Its main feature is that it can keep a very nice balance. Which requires a lot for competition. It has become popular in a very short time. But for some reason, the company stopped producing hoverboard 360 in 2016. The speed of this hoverboard 360 is 7-10 kilometers per hour. Its balance capacity is so much that is one wheel can be run at the top of the staircase and one wheel at the lower end of the staircase.

Why the hoverboard 360 is so popular?

Firstly, it’s the best hoverboard to keep the balance. Those who are the hoverboard competitors, they need a lot of speeds hoverboard. However, if the hoverboard cannot properly balance the exact time, then it will be a cause of danger. Although, the user experience is the main thing here. As the hoverboard quality depends on losing or winning the competition, just like it also depends on the user’s skill. However, this hoverboard 360 is not just for competitors. But it is true that the competitors like it more. But why?

  • Hoverboard 360 speed is more than 7-10 km per hour.
  • Its battery is very strong, and the battery is charged very quickly.
  • Most of the hoverboard 360’s have Bluetooth speakers.
  • It has beautiful led lights that provide signals.
  • Its deck is very strong.
  • Keep body balance on any side, even able to keep balance while moving.
  • Connect with the hoverboard 360 via IOS or Android mobile app. As a result, you can set your hoverboard 360 speed, you can see how much the charge is on the battery, you can play the music through the Bluetooth speaker, and you can increase or decrease your LED light.

Where to buy Hoverboard 360?

When hoverboard 360 came to the market first, many people were not very aware of it. Many were interested in buying it to see using others. Then there was created a problem. That is, some third-party businessmen started selling this hoverboard 360. But they did not provide the proper services to the customers. The main reasons for this are those, many customers have ordered the products online, but the product has not been delivered to them. Some customers wanted to replace but they were not allowed to replace. And many people asked for money, but the businessmen did not give it back.

Then the customers gave a lot of bad reviews on the company’s official website. And then the company stopped producing this hoverboard 360. And the popularity of the hoverboard 360 was the main reason for this irregularity. Traders did not offer better services for more profits. After that, when everything is normal, the company starts producing it. So, when you buy hoverboard 360, you should be aware that you can get the best service when you buy from any company. Check out the service of hoverboard 360 selling company. It may change if your hoverboard 360 might be wasted. So, make sure all service that you must be needed to buy a hoverboard.

Take care of some aspects of buying hoverboard 360:

Based on the following factors, it is understood that a hoverboard is good or bad. It is possible to buy a good hoverboard if you can ensure these issues.

  • How much speed of the hoverboard 360? If it speeds up to 8-15 km per hour, it is a good hoverboard.
  • What is the power of the battery? You can buy based on how many km routes can be run by once charged.
  • Check whether the hoverboard motors are powerful.
  • Hoverboard prices.
  • And whether it is certified for safety.


What is the maximum capacity of the hoverboard 360?

  • There is a maximum capacity of carrying 120 kg.

How long can it stay after a battery fully charging?

  • If you run for one hour every day, then the charge will have for 6-7 days.

Can it be used by kids from 10-12 years old?

  • Yes, can be run without any problems.

Is hoverboard 360 suitable for exercise?

  • Most hoverboards cannot run as intended, but the hoverboard 360 can be run like you wish. Some people use it for exercise.

Final Verdict

The above features are discussed as the best hoverboard features. Considering these aspects, you will undoubtedly be able to buy a best hoverboard 360. The most important thing to remember, that is about safety. Because the main attribute of the hoverboard 360 is its security is the best. So, it can keep the body balance. Check out the reputations from which to buy. It is best to buy from the place where you get the best service. I’m sure if you have this question that where to buy hoverboard 360, then you’ve got the correct answer.

  • December 30, 2018
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