Who Invented the Hoverboard?

This is a Question that many people ask and mostly go unanswered. Well, here is the man behind this great invention. Hoverboard was invented by Greg Henderson and with the assistance of his wife, Lill, he was in a position to launch it; both being California’s natives.

The Hoverboard was for the fast time introduced in a Kickstarter video that featured company resident stuntman, Garrett Foshay. This invention was driven by a desire to save lives in instances of catastrophic events such as earthquakes. The Hoverboard helps its user to lift a few inches off the ground. With the internet and technical experience at hand, he first built a prototype.

The hoverboard is made of four hover engines consisting of magnets that coordinate to generate a concentrated field which in turn generates an opposing field in a conducive material below. The tow fields then repel and the hoverboard is hence enabled to lift.

A  hoverboard is a personal transporter which has two motorized wheels. This is a great device which gives the riders some wonderful feelings when they ride on it. The rider has the ability to control and manage the speed.  Many riders have a passion for speed. The highest speed of a hoverboard is 12 mph. Hoverboards are just similar to skateboard without wheels.

The rider has the power to manage and control the speed of the hoverboard by tilting forward and backward. The rider can transform the direction by rotating the pads.

When Hoverboard First Invented?

Hoverboard first invented in the year 2013 by Shane Chen. He is an American businessman. After the invention of hoverboard, this device received a lot of issues of patent rights.

Shane Chen is an industry expert in creating transportation products. He born in China and graduated from agricultural meteorology. Shane made different types of transportation products such as electric skateboards and unicycles. He is the owner of Investist Inc. This company makes numerous transportation products.

Shane is a scientific instrument designer. He also designed Hovertrax which is a project for making hoverboards. As it was hard to grow business in China, Shane moved to the US in the mid-1980’s(1986). Shane is the founder of CID Bio-Science which is working to improve the instruments used for plant and agricultural research.

Some of these instruments are leaf scanner and plant canopy analyzer. In 2009, he sold the CID and concentrated to make more consumer products. Still, now he is working on different versions of hoverboards. Now you will get lots of copied and improved versions of hoverboards which you can buy from the market.

The product is basically flooding in the market. We see that a lot of celebrities post the pictures of different hoverboards on different social media platforms. Chan invented and used the device for indoor purpose. It is really surprising that companies have copied seven inventions of Chen.

Shane enjoyed windsurfing, skating and swimming and all these hobbies helped him a lot to create new products about public transportation. He designed and made a one-wheeled bike to solve the problem for the people who don’t want to use public transport because they need to walk from their home. This one-wheeled bike was named as Solowheel. It got numerous awards. Chen sold more than ten thousands of units of  Solowheel. He finally made IOTA tax which is a hoverboard-hybrid.

History of Hoverboards

The first hoverboard was made by Shane Chen in 2013. He filed a patent on his name. That time, the hoverboard was called as Hovertrax. From 2015, Shenzhen was the place to manufacture hoverboards. Although hoverboards were extremely popular in that period, there were limitless issues of patent rights arising against this device. Mark Cuban declared to take the hoverboard patents from Chen. It is because there were lots of problems detected in the hoverboards which are manufactured by the company of Shane Chen.

The way in which hoverboards got its name

The topic is really cool and interesting. The hoverboards fans must know the story about getting the name of the hoverboard. The meaning of hoverboard is self-balancing electric scooters. This device doesn’t hover actually. In 1996, the first trademark of self-balancing scooters was registered. The hoverboards were commercially known as wheeled scooters at the beginning period.

Some Features of a Hoverboard


Before buying a hoverboard, you need to analyze several features of a hoverboard. Don’t choose a hoverboard which is too narrow or too wide. The best hoverboard is that on which you can easily stand in a natural position. It will be comfortable to ride on the hoverboard.


The weight of the hoverboards changes according to the material used in the body and type of the battery. Always pick the one which is lightweight. The best hoverboard will be comfortable to ride and carry.


This speed is a crucial factor when you are going to purchase a hoverboard. The ideal speed of a hoverboard is 5 mph to 10 mph. You may have the passion for higher speed. But don’t forget about your safety and security. Most of the riders preferred the speed of 7.5 mph. It is called the ideal speed of a  hoverboard.

Battery Life:

The riders need to know the battery life of a hoverboard and the charging system. See the battery system before purchasing any hoverboard. Some hoverboards are easy to charge and take 1 hour to be fully charged. Others may take nearly three hours to be fully charged. Make sure to check the charge points.

Climbing Angle:

Climbing capability is an important factor. The angle is measured in degrees. Check the angle and make sure that it will be easier for you to ride on different roads and all terrain. Some of the hoverboards have a climbing angle of  30 degrees. Some have a 15-degree climbing angle.

The weight of the Rider:

A hoverboard can manage the weight of 377 lbs and it is the maximum. But not all of the hoverboards will be the same just like this hoverboard. Check the max weight of rider for your chosen hoverboard. The durability of a hoverboard is depending solely on the weight of the rider. Our suggestion is not purchasing any cheap hoverboard which fails to control and manage the weight of the rider.

Price of Hoverboard:

This is the last factor. A cheap priced or highly priced hoverboard doesn’t mean that it is the best. Make sure to check all the factors, not only just the price. The ideal price ranges between $100-$500.

Final Verdict:

A hoverboard is an important public transporter which was invented by Shane Chen in the year 2013. Although lots of companies have copied the formula, Shane Chen is regarded as the inventor of Hoverboard which first shown in the movie. Still, now Shane Chen is making his own versions of hoverboards and he is quite busy with the project.

  • June 2, 2018
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