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Hoverboard 360 has earned famous in a very short time. Most of the people have some interest in this product. People of different ages love to have rides on this cool product. You may want to know who makes hoverboard 360. We are here today to discuss few manufacturers that make the awesome two-wheel stuff. But before that, let me tell you something about hoverboards.

What is a Hoverboard?

As per Wikipedia , a hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter. It has two motorized wheels. You can control the speed of a hoverboard by only your body movement. You just have to put your feet on the two marked places. Then you can start the engine even by a remote. You have to charge the battery of the hoverboard to have a smooth ride on it. This amazing self-balancing transporter is mainly famous amongst the young generation.

Many of you have seen pop star Chris Brown riding on a cool hoverboard. Even rapper like Wiz Khalifa also had a ride on this transporter in public. So it is quite obvious that this device was first manufactured by an American company. Shane Chen’s company was the first to launch this type of device in 2013 (source: Wikipedia ). After that, this device gained much popularity in western countries. But after just a year of first launching, Asian country China also started to take part in manufacturing this transporter. So, shortly, it became famous also in Asian countries too. Now, hoverboards are sold in many countries across the globe.

Hoverboard Manufacturers

Now, we are going to tell you the names of a few companies that make quality hoverboards. Here are those names.

Swagtrol Hoverboard

To be honest, the way this company makes hoverboards with latest and smart features, many others can’t. With some exceptional and unique features, this company becomes our very first choice. These scooters are capable of performing in any kinds of situation. These hoverboards can give you full satisfaction of rides. The company’s most of the hoverboards can be controlled by smartphone apps. Most of the products have well-verified construction. The most amazing part is the company tries to maintain the full comfort of a customer. This company keeps the comfort issue all the time while making any new device or product.

VEEKO Hoverboard

VEEKO is currently one of the best companies that can manufacture self-balancing scooters assuring durability. The company manufactures such hoverboards that are pretty much stylish and strong too. This company manufactures certified products. So, you can rely on this company without any doubt. It makes such scooters that are also eligible for children. So, if you are thinking of giving a gift to your child on the next occasion, why don’t you buy a scooter from VEEKO?

GOTRAX Hoverboard

In online marketplaces, this company is dominating currently. You can get the best one for you from this company. To gain the trust of buyers, this company is only selling certified products. It doesn’t sell cheap scooters that can blast or burn. It only manufactures such hoverboards that can be used by both kids and adults without any fear. You can use those scooters quite easily. You will surely enjoy riding on those boards.

MegaWheels Hoverboard

You can wish for sturdy products from this company. The MegaWheels always gives its best to customers. They make such scooters that can be used for a long time. Every scooter made by them has Safely Riding mechanism. Your kids can use them to enjoy their free times outside. But you must know one thing. This company also produces such hoverboards that can give you a very speedy ride. An interesting fact about this company is the scooters it produces have some unique facilities each. So, you can buy the best hoverboard according to your demands if you choose this company.

Final words

So, finally, we gave you the answer to the question “who makes the hoverboard 360”. We found the answer to this question by doing a research on the current market. Then we judge some customers point of views. After all these, we found the mentioned names eligible for most of the hoverboard 360 lovers. Apart from all these, it is a humble request to all customers to buy only verified and certified self-balancing scooters. Because buying a cheap hoverboard can sometimes harm you in many ways.

  • September 25, 2018
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